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How to reduce belly or abdomen using home remedy

Date: 31 May 2016    Group: Health    Category: Beauty   

There are people who have medium sized or heavy sized belly or abdomen and it might look awkward. However, what is the problem of having large belly or abdomen? Is there any health issue? I would like to know about it since few of my friends have medium sized belly which looks strange but they proud of it as it shows heavy body. Anyhow, how to reduce belly or abdomen by home remedy method? Kindly let us know to advice it to my friend for it.
Awaiting response.

wondering how to reduce belly fat? Searching for home remedies? Find advice from experts on this page.

Author: sushma    31 May 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

When a calorie intake is more with no proper workouts, then those calories are accumulated as fat in body incuding in belly.
To reduce the belly fat one can follow the below steps.
1. Drink warm water with lemon and honey in the morning on empty stomach. This helps in detoxification and increases metabolism.
2. Cut down on regular tea and drink green tea or a ginger tea.
3. Avoid eating white rice. Cut down on carbohydrates intake. Instead, use brown rice.
4. Avoid consuming sweets.
5. Consume Vegetables and fruits. Fill half your plate with salad. Cut down on the portion of your food intake. Consume 4-5 portion of small food instead of heavy good 3 times a day.
Small portions should include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, salad and fresh fruit juice.
6. Drink plenty of water. It also makes you look younger.
7. Chew garlic.
8. Most and important, you should work out or walk at least for 45 minutes .

Author: Partha Kansabanik    31 May 2016      Member Level: Diamond     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

My simple suggestions:-

(a) Take less tea or coffee. Take lemon tea.
(b) Start the day with warm water with one or two drops of lemon juice.
(c) Don't take spicy food. Avoid red meat, 'ghee' and butter.
(d) Most important: Morning walk for 30 minutes at brisk pace.
(e) Don't hit the bed immediately after dinner. Take a leisurely night-walk.
(f) Sit straight.
(g) Don't take cat-nap during noon.
(h) Drastically cut down alcohol, especially beer intake.

Author: susmitha    01 Jun 2016      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 7  (Rs 7)    Voting Score: 0

Belly fat could be result of eating lot of carbohydrates or any other food in excess amount in odd timings. And also

1. Sleeping immediately after eating slows down the digestion process

2. Not working out regularly

Belly fat can be reduced in various ways few of them are

1.Stop eating junk food or any form of carbohydrates and drink lots of water at least 5 litre this helps you stay hydrated.

2. Do yoga or any other form of physical exercise on a regular basis. yoga helps reducing fat acumulated in the body.

3. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat dinner early at least 2 hours before going to bed.

5. Stop stressing out yourself . when we are stressed we have a strong carving for carbohydrates.

6. Sleep well 6 to 8 hours of night sleep makes you relaxed.

7. Start eating small meals every 3 hours this helps improve digestion process.

8. Stop drinking alcohol

9. Lastly if you have carving for chocolates eat little dark chocolate its good for health.

I hope my answer helps you. Eat right and stay healthy

Author: neelam joshi    01 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 2  (Rs 2)    Voting Score: 0

Intake of beverages like green tea and minimum 2-3 litres of water a day with regular exercises focusing on belly area or the area where fat is to be reduced.
And morning walks regularly and running exercises for 2-3 miles daily not only makes you healthy and fit pgysically but also mentally and also helps in achieving your aim of reducing the weight.
Becuase there has to be some efforts to reduce weight becuase it can't be reduced magically with the help of any belts or any other instruments.

Author: Ganesh    01 Jun 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

The main reason of big belly formation is due to the deposition of extra fat.Now there are many types of madicines and many types instruments like shape belts are available in market to reduce belly.But these are very harmful our body .So the best and simple method is Food control and regular exercise.
The first thing is that "Do exercise everyday".You should consult a trainer.He can help you technially.
Badminton,Tennis,Football etc like games should helps to reduce the belly. So try any of the above game. Walking,running etc are another simple exercises.And the another important one is that food control.You should avoid heavy fat food like meat,snaks,readymade food,sweets,etc and try organic food. I think its better for reducing big belly and health.So try this steps if u can and share your experience.

So save your health and keep your wealth.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha    01 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 5  (Rs 5)    Voting Score: 0

There are a few tips for the reduction of Belley fat. The following tips may be tried-
1) Prior to breakfast, take two to three nuts of almonds. Almonds contain all the essential vitamins apart from mono saturated fats benificial in strengthening muscles.
2) Tomato- Consuming a medium sized Tomato is always helpful in managing obesity and is an excellent remedy for managing the belly fat. Tomatoes contain Lycopene, Vitamin B and VitaminC - all contributing to excellent health for heart and trimming Belley - fat.
3) Cucummber - Cucummber contains around 90 percent of water apart from potassium and magnesium. Taking Cucummber prior to meal can reduce your consumption of food - stuff and the nutrients available in the cucumber will trim belly - fat.
4) Apples - Consumption of one or two apples on daily basis would take care of Belley - fats owing to presence of flavonoids in addition to presence of valuable minerals like potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C and B.
5) Avagados, too, is benificial in trimming Belley - fat because of presence useful nutrients.
In addition to the tips as indicated above, indulge in the following things-
1) Engage yourself for brisk walking for 30 minutes at least in the morning to burn your Belly - fat.
2) Prior to each meal, take a glass of warm water to enhance your metabolism.
3) Take care of your sleeping pattern. A sound sleep for eight hours is essential.
4) Reduce the consumption of sugar and sweets as far as possible.
5) Consumption of water has to be stepped up and in no case, consumption should fall below 2.5 litres.

Author: sathish chandrasekaran    02 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 6  (Rs 6)    Voting Score: 0

Having large abdomen increases the risk of cardiac arrest and related issues. Obesity also bring several irregularities in our metabolism leading to stress, high blood pressure, insulin levels, knee and joint pain, fatigue, etc. The effects of obesity also affects individual's confidence level in most cases, gives a feel of unfit and unhealthy. Therefore, I can say with certainty that there are definitely health issues.

Answering the latter part of your question, yes there are several things a person can try at home to shed weight which are absolutely healthy and hygienic practice. Most importantly, the recommendation I propose here are absolutely natural. Let us have a look at what one can do in order to shed some pounds and feel healthy.

1. Understand the reason for weight gain. It could be because of irregularity in your sleep timings or high consumption of junk foods/processed food or stressed or over resting or hormonal issues or heredity. Check what is causing you to gain weight.

2. Keep a regular routine of exercise. Preferably in the morning as the fresh air helps body to restore health faster. If you are really too obese, start off with walking and subsequently increase the distance of walk everyday

3. Swimming is one of the greatest exercise one must consider. It burns kilo calories just like that, gives body great shape, regulates body temperature and improves heart functioning.

4. Eat about 4-6 short meals a day than 3 heavy meals. This will help your digestive system to balance the system and regulate the blood sugar level. Never over stress your digestive system at one go.

5. If you have the habit of smoking or consuming alcohol, have a check at your intake level. Normally, people eat a lot along with drinks which is extremely harmful and dangerous.

6. Take your pet for a walk and enjoy nature. All the illness of mind can be cured with the grace of nature.

7. Sleep well in time and wake up early. People who stay awake late night strain their body metabolism drastically and put themselves at the risk of obesity and cardiac disease.

There are umpteen number of ways one can do in order to reduce weight suiting one's preference and choice. Ex. Green Tea is good idea to shed weight. But not all may like it. I suggest the author to chose carefully after understanding what works best for yourself. Practice one method for at least a week before deciding to make it a habit or not.

Author: Mahesh    03 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

1. Exercise : Best way to reduce the belly fat or abdomen fat is by exercising. There is no honest and effective remedy than this. As long as you are moving and doing some activity it is going to be burnt. And that is one reason your lifestyle should include the gym or the daily exercise.

2. Avoid high calories: Avoid eating sugar and potatoes. Most of the time it helps if you reduce eating food that increases your calories. Eating fast food often increases the fat too. Bread from pizza and the burgers is one reason this happens to your body.

3. Avoid depression: Psychological issues also contribute to the weight gain. And it'd be harder to reduce the weight if the reason for the weight gain is depression or any other stress. This is one reason you should do yoga and practice mindfulness.

4. Routine : You need to have some specific routine for everything. Be it exercise, meditation, food, work and sleep. There needs to be a good routine for this to work in your favor. Your health will be good if you have a good routine.

This is what is being told by most of the body trainers and the dietitians. You should definitely pay attention to these points to get flat belly.

Author: Timmappa Kamat    05 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Here are a few tips for reducing belly fat -

1. Make it a habit of taking lemon juice every morning. It boosts your metabolism rate and thus reduces belly flat.

2. Get rid of white rice in your diet. Instead, replace white rice with wheat, oats, grains and brown bread.

3. Stay away from sugars and sweets. Also, get rid of using too much of oil in your foods.

4. Drink plenty of water. Water improves your metabolism and removes the toxins from your body.

5. Chewing a couple of cloves of garlic would be beneficial in reducing fat. Follow it up with a glass of lemon juice.

6. Avoid non veg food. If you cannot stay away from non veg food, reduce the intake.

7. Have as much fruits and vegetables as possible. Having fruits in the morning and evening would be much helpful in maintaining your body flat under control.

8. Use special spices in your diet. Cinnamon. Black Pepper and Ginger are known to have many health benefits.

Author: Sagar K Prathap    22 Jul 2016      Member Level: Bronze     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Here is a few tips for reducing belly fat:
1.While traveling in bike or car always try to keep your stomach pressed inside buy your own effort.this will reduce the chance of over-bulging of stomach

2.Wake up early in the morning and drink 400 to 600 ml water immediately without brushing your teeth

3. Do not eat or drink anything for the next 45 minutes

4. Drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily by sipping several times ,be sure you get enough contact with your lips,while sipping try to chew like you are eating it

5. Include more fruits ,less carbohydrates,in your breakfast, 11.00 am snack and lunch. Have sprouts mixed with vegetable salad which is a good supply of fat-less protein one time a day

6 .Avoid tea and snacks in between , have green tea and dates if necessary

7 .Have your dinner before 7.00 pm ,have only vegetables

8. Avoid sleeping in the day time if necessary sleep siting in a chair

9.Exercise in a regular fashion

10.Try fasting once a week

11.Avoid milk or milk products

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