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    Knowing about E MBA before moving in it

    Wondering what is an eMBA course? Looking out for its worth? On this Ask Expert page, you will get all the essential information you are looking for.

    What is E-MBA? What is the difference between full time 2 years MBA and E MBA? Is it studied for getting promotion in work place or for getting Campus jobs? Is it okay for me? Is Amity University Kolkata good for E MBA? Can I get a best campus placement by studying E MBA from Amity University Kolkata?
    Experts: do respond.
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    A very relevant query and handsome set of questions here. Let me attempt to resolve your queries, from my experience of preparing subject content for one such eMBA program which I was closely involved with.

    What is E-MBA?
    Doing the MBA program from home. You register for the course, and you are provided with online course content. The recorded sessions have lectures, assignments and exercises per topic. you can study the subjects at your pace and your comfort and availability. The course was basically designed for working professional which cannot spend time to attend classes. there will be periodic query resolution sessions. After a pre defined period, you can appear for onlne exams. Once all subjects are cleared, you get the MBA degree.

    What is the difference between full time 2 years MBA and E MBA?
    In full time MBA you are required to attend all classes, be a full time student and complete all assigned class activities in a timely manner. You are governed by the rules and regulations of the college and university with which you do the full time MBA degree. If you are working, then full time MBA is out of question.

    Is it studied for getting promotion in work place or for getting Campus jobs?
    After doing eMBA with a particular university, they do not guarantee campus placements. You will have to search your own job. eMBa is basically opted for widening horizons, and promotions at workplace.

    Is it okay for me?
    It is okay if: you are working full time or part time or doing some internship or you need to start earning immediately else it is not okay.

    Is Amity University Kolkata good for E MBA?
    Since you are doing MBA from home, the quality of the EMBA is very important. Check out the curricula, evaluation scheme, fee structure and what degree is offered. Decide based on the above points.

    Can I get a best campus placement by studying E MBA from Amity University Kolkata?
    Sorry, no eMBA institute shall offer campus placements. Because they have no close connect with the students. eMBA student can take up the course from any part of the world.

    Hope this answers your queries.

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    eMBA is a fancy name for MBA programs designed for working executives. One typical example is MBA (Executives) program offered by the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune . It is a 30 months non-residential weekend program. Such program is offered by various institutes in different formats and is primarily designed for working executives. In case the author is not yet working then he may consider for completing regular class room MBA program. Job prospects primarily depend on the reputation of the institute and its previous placement record. While selecting an institute for completing MBA, the previous years placement record and campus placement facilities etc. should be given due weightage.
    The Directorate of Distance and Online University of the Amity University offers Executive MBA program.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    1. eMBA is a course that is meant to be completed via online and distance learning mode. It has same syllabus to that of regular MBA course. It however excludes the classes and seminars and few other campus activities.

    2. The difference between regular and eMBA is that regular MBA requires you to complete specific on campus activities. Also there is going to be placement cell for the regular MBA course and students.

    3. eMBA is often done by the working professionals to get promotion. And often not suitable for the graduates with unemployed time.

    4. It is okay for you if you are already employed.

    5. Amity, LPU, Sharda and Symbiosis are some of the universities good for the eMBA course.

    6. Nobody in distance and elearning mode can give you assurance for the placement. Also they often don't have any placement cell, so it's upto you to decide if doing eMBA is worth your current resume.

    eMBA courses are often designed for the people who are already working. And those people need to get the certification to show the credentials. So it is often not suitable for the students who are not employed. In that case I'd say you should avoid such course.

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    eMBA course has been designed to cater to the knowledge of such employees, who don't have time to persue a regular MBA course because of their involvement in some jobs. However, there are a lot of aspirants having a deep passion for the acquisition of a MBA degree. eMBA is the apt answer for such aspirants. Syllabus of such courses is comparable with the regular course provided by any reputed university. So, while working in any Industry, the acquisition of eMBA programme would equip the employees with the latest management - skills and such tools can be utilised in their area of working. Familiarity of such skills would be considered as an added qualification for the employees and they would have better promotional opportunities within their organisation.
    However, a little precaution is essential while persuing an eMBA programme, such programmes are useful when taken from a reputed institutes such as Symbosis, Amity or from Sarda.

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