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    What is a role of BBA candidate in a company?

    Searching for information about BBA jobs? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    What is a role of BBA candidate in a company? After doing BBA what kind of job I can get? Which companies take BBA students? What is the Salary package and increments in this job? Is techno India Kolkata is good for BBA?
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    A lot many questions here. Here goes my answers:
    What is a role of BBA candidate in a company?
    Business Administration related roles like coordinator, assist in administrative roles etc.

    After doing BBA what kind of job I can get?
    Check out company websites and job portals for current profiles. The designation and profiles change from company to company.

    Which companies take BBA students?
    All SMEs, MME and MNCs in all domains take BBA students.

    What is the Salary package and increments in this job?
    The package depends on the job profile and size of the company. IT ranges from 10K onwards.

    Is Techno India Kolkata is good for BBA?
    Good is a very relative term. Check the website for infrastructure, faculty competency, student achievements, placements and activities and events held in college. Also check out student life.

    The following link may be useful to you: The factors remain the same, just keep the engineering word aside.
    How to choose the right engineering college

    Hope this helps.

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    The full/expanded form of BBA is Bachelor in Business Administration. It is generally a three years course after passing 10+2 standard. Earlier when the BBA course was not introduced in India, then people used to complete B.Com. or B.A. courses. BBA course is nearer to B.Com. course than the B.A. course. Generally people complete BBA program with aim to complete MBA later. Primarily it is a general graduation degree like course and the candidates are likely to put at assistant level in the beginning for learning further. They will be required to assist the regular management team of the company.
    Regarding the institute mentioned by the author, it is advised that the website of the institute should be visited to know the previous years placement records. In case the placement records are not displayed, then it should be presumed that the same is not impressive.

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    The qualification of BBA signifies that the aspirant has acquired a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration and this degree provides the aspirants an insight in the business - techniques. Some of the portion taught in BBA resemble with the B.Com courses. With this Management - degree, one can go ahead with a MBA degree. However, in order to secure such a post graduate qualification, one has to choose a renowned Institute so that you remain on the high demand in the job market.
    With your current degree, you can seek the job of coordinator or you can assist the organisation in promoting the products which the company normally produces. There are several companies like Proctor and Gamble, Hindustan - uniliver, Nestley etc where you can get the jobs.
    With regard to Techno- India,you can check its credential and infrastructure by surfing the Net.
    IIM and Xavier Institute are the distinguished Institutes and you must strive for either of these institutions for admission.

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    I am trying to provide answers serially:-

    (a)What is a role of BBA candidate in a company?
    Ans:- Initially a fresh BBA has to work in an assisting role in Administration,Co-ordination, Sales, Marketing, etc. under an experienced MBA.

    (b) After doing BBA what kind of job I can get?
    It entirely depends upon the company you join, its business, vacant position against which you are appointed, its area of expansion, etc. No specific comments can be made in this regard. You have to assist the team leader who would be an experienced MBA.

    (c)Which companies take BBA students?
    Medium and smaller companies in every domain take BBA students.

    (d) What is the Salary package and increments in this job?
    The salary package depends on the job profile, size of the company and the place of your posting. It also depends upon economic environment at that point of time. I feel that a fresh BBA can't expect more than Rs. 20,000/- p.m at the present juncture anywhere in India.

    (e) Is Techno India Kolkata is good for BBA?
    Check the Website of the company for detailed information. However, adjusting in the work environment of a company does not always depend upon the company alone. I have seen many people couldn't adjust in bigger IT companies like Infosys, but rose in stature in smaller companies.

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    Let's answer your questions.

    1. BBA graduate when employed are placed in the admin, management and sales jobs. So depending on your specialization in the final year, you'd be given the role. In some case you'd be forced to do the work for any skill to start from.

    2. Most of the freshers start with sales and marketing jobs when they pass out. Again it depends on the company they get recruited. Some companies also let you be public relations officer. So again that skill varies.

    3. BBA students often get placed in banks, small business, manufacturing firms and marketing companies.

    4. If you get placed in marketing jobs then it'd require you to work on as low as 8k to 10K per month. And if you get into admin and management job, then that would get you 20K onwards salary.

    5. Your best bet to get advice on this is to ask ex students of the institute. I'd suggest you to find such students and ask them for advice.

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