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    Which is the best PG course to pursue in India with the goal to work in DRDO

    Eager to take up a career with DRDO? Know with expert advice the most apt PG courses to pursue in order to become a scientist with DRDO.

    I am in the final year of my UG program of advance zoology and biotechnology. I just want to know what PG program to take and in which institute I should pursue it. I want to serve in DRDO as a scientist to make safety equipment/ devices for soldiers while in combat (for eg- an iron suit to withstand any kind of bullet ) . So kindly help me in getting a apt course in India for fulfilling my career wish.
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    The author has not shared full information about his undergraduate course as both B.Sc. and B.Tech. are undergraduate courses. However it appears that the author is doing B.Sc. since the subject zoology is involved. In my opinion the author should first first fully focus on his undergraduate course and set a target to achieve one of the top five positions in college/university. After that he may pursue post graduate studies i.e. M.Sc. in the subject in which he finds himself more comfortable i.e. likely to achieve better outcome. Once a solid academic record is built up, the opportunities come automatically. It may however be noted that there is stiff competition in all fields and only outstanding students are likely to get desired results.
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    Well, glad to know that you wish to plan your future carefully. This is the right time to start planning what to study next. After completing your graduation I would suggest that you take up MSc in Biotechnology and then PhD in the area of interest in Biotechnology.
    Now is also the right time to check out post graduate courses and colleges in this field.
    Also check out DRDO site for recruitment requirements. They will mention the checklist.
    Accordingly you can plan what to study and how to join DRDO.
    One another point: your PG project will carry lot of weightage. Choose the project area carefully such that it is aligned with DRDO goals.
    hope this is useful to you.

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    DRDO has plenty of positions open in one of the following fields of study - such astrophysics, dermatology, astrophysics and zoologist and few other subjects related to biology. I suggest you to finish the course in biotechnology. Choose the specific topic for the PG that you are comfortable with. As DRDO has plenty of openings so you should not be having any issues with the recruitment process. You can also find out the past recruitment requirements from the DRDO and decide which subjects you're comfortable with and the subject that often opens for recruitment. This is very good department to work in India. And you should try all your efforts to get recruited by them. All the best to you.

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    Thank u all for your suggestions and answers !!!!!!

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