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    Dob certificate procedure born at home

    i born on 17th march 1992 at my own home. now i need date of birth certificate as i have to apply for passport. there is no record of my birth at any where.Now how can i apply for date of birth certificate and what is whole procedure i have to do.My born address is v.p.o. nangal sirohi distt. mahendergarh (hr.) 123028
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    As far as I know, you have to get the requisite certificate from the Secretary of the Village Panchayat. The Village Panchayat Secretary also functions as Registrar of Births and Deaths under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969. The first Birth or Death registration certificates are issued by the Secretary immediately after the registration has taken place. An abstract of Births and Deaths Registrars is also available at the office of the Village Panchayat Secretary which can be obtained from him on payment of prescribed fees.
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    The competent authorities for issue of birth certificates are Assistant Registrar (Birth & Death) in case of urban areas and for rural areas the Civil Surgeon acts as a District Registrar (Birth & Death).
    Normally the birth should be registered within 20 days from the birth of the child. However in case the birth is not registered within one year from the date of birth, as is the case with the author, the birth can be registered only on an order of Sub-Divisional Magistrate after verification is conducted through revenue authorities.
    Thus the case of the author is not a straight forward case, but instead it is a delayed case. Therefore it should not be expected that on submitting some online application, the certificate will be delivered to him. Sometimes even the lower level officials are also not aware about the actual procedure. Therefore for tangible results, the author should visit the concerned office in person and meet a responsible officer with request for proper guidance about the exact procedure to be adopted in such cases.

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    Local municipal corporations have the unit to register the date of birth. Some also accept the birth time too. You need to get into their office and get the date and time registered. This way you can obtain the certificate. The process is going to be complicated and you may find that it'll take some time to get the same document compared to others. However due to the delayed registration you may face some official issues there. You have to get it sorted and get your certificate either by reference or by any other means.

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