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    Job scope after B.Sc. and higher studies options

    Unsure whether to take up higher studies after B.Sc. or take up a job? Know from experts what are your post graduate course options and job prospects after completing a B.Sc. degree program.

    I have finished B.Sc. in PCM subjects (physics,chemistry and maths) and my percentage is 70%. What are the job opportunities I can get with this qualification? Should I go in for higher education? I am a little bit confused also about the career path, whether to go for a job in IT companies or not. I am having basic knowledge of computers.
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    Since you have completed B.Sc. with physics, chemistry and mathematics, you are now a graduate degree holder. As far as career prospects are concerned the whole world is open for a graduate. It will primarily depend upon your capacity to do hard work in clearing the competitive examinations. Generally recruitment is not made on the basis of percentage of marks alone in case of important jobs. Theoretically you can appear in the coveted civil services examination also in your capacity as a graduate. The banks PO examinations as well as banks clerk grade examinations are also open for the graduates.
    For being successful in IT field, only basic knowledge of computers may not prove enough. You may consider pursuing MCA in case your have genuine interest and aptitude in the IT field.

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    A pertinent question here.
    This is what I would suggest:
    Job opportunities are ample: in BPOs, IT companies, MNCs, MMEs or SMEs in administrative, research or similar roles.
    Job in a computer company is not based on just basic knowledge of computers. Nowadays knowledge of computers is very common. For a job in computers, you need to know foundations of computer programming like at least one programming language, data structures, logical and analytical thinking skills, may be mobile app development etc. If you have a strong computer background, then getting an IT job is easy.

    Higher education: Can opt for MSc or MCA. Then you can take up a job. But a word of caution: check out the college for campus placement. Select a college where good companies come for Campus placement. Else getting a job in IT on your own is sure going to be an uphill task.

    To decide between higher studies and job, base it on the following factors:
    1. Interest in studying further, and willingness to study well
    2. Financial position of family
    3. Take a break from studies and then opt for higher education after getting some work experience

    Hope this helps.

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    There is no dearth of the jobs for an able candidate. The only thing what is required is the inclination of the area in which you would like to proceed. With your B.Sc degree, you can select a number of careers such as Probationary Officers in Banks, Executive cadre in LIC, preparation for the job of BDO for state - government and if you are determined to crack IAS examination, you can take up the same.
    In other words, there are plenty of oppurtunities in different fields but you must be a prime - mover in the selection of your job.
    One area which fascinates the young people is the BPO jobs where you would get get excellent perks provided you are proficient in written and spoken English.
    You may opt for the Management - course, but you need to choose a reputed institute by qualifying either CAT test or the MAT test. Former would be much better for your wider prospects of career in the event of your selection in IIM or some reputed Management - schools. There are a few better schools of Management which can be chosen by grand - scoring in the MAT test.
    MCA course can be taken up with some distinguished institutes in case you have a genuine interest for Soft- ware fields.
    Decide yourself the field where you have to proceed and once you take the decision, stick to it.

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    As a graduate in Science, you have good opportunities in excelling your career. You can appear for the competitive examinations right from Civil Services to Clerks' grade examination and don't leave any stone unturned.
    You need not get confused but explore the options before you based on your family background and financial standard. Whatever be the reasons ( you missed the Engineering career path, don't know whether you couldn't get a seat or couldn';t afford to study), you chose the Science stream. If you want to continue your higher studies, opt for M Sc or MCA or even you can go for B Ed training to choose teaching as career in schools like Kendriya Vidyalayas which are equally good.

    If you prefer to go for a job, be well acquainted with current affairs and general knowledge apart from logical test of reasoning and General English as these are common for all competitive examinations. Take a very good coaching in your area, if feasible to crack the Group A/B service examinations by the Public service Commission of the respective state and Bank officers/clerks examinations. Being a graduate in Science you can change your route towards the Ind8ustrial corridor where you can get employment as Technician/ Chemist etc in any Industrial laboratory. Just have a thought and choose a right path.


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    BSC can be useful for jobs in many science based industries. You can get into IT and other companies. You can do the jobs related to the manufacturing too.

    Another option is to go for higher studies. You can apply for the TOFEL and GRE. This can be one option for you to appear for the MTech and MS degrees in the US. Depending on your interest you may appear for the respective higher grade educational degree.

    Make sure you apply to the off campus job placement ads in the MNC IT companies. That way you'd be able to attempt on some job offers. And this may also help you get ahead with the career in IT. Though this can be fruitful career if you are interested in it. Also it can help in pursuing for the higher education.

    Depending on how your financial position and how you have scored in the exams, you can decide which option is right for you.

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    As, you have done with graduation now you can do job in any industry sector such as hospitality, healthcare, banking, IT, marketing etc. You can opt for higher studies also such as MBA, MCA, MSc. If you are interested in IT jobs then you can do any course related to IT technology but good computer knowledge is needed for working in IT companies .

    After doing some computer related course, people can switch from chemical engineering to IT field. But i suggest you to go for master programs in Physics/chemistry/mathematics or MSc in statistics. Now a days statisticians are in great demand.

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