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    What are the side effects of eating fruits ripened with calcium carbide?

    Looking out for knowing the side effects of calcium carbide? You will find all the essential information on this Ask Expert page.

    Though we know that calcium carbide is used for ripening fruits, we can't stop buying fruits such as banana or mango. Doctors suggest to take fruits daily but it is very difficult to find fruits, which are ripened naturally. How to identify artificially ripened fruits? Does the fruits ripened with calcium carbide really dangerous to health? What are the possible calcium carbide side effects on humans?
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    Calcium carbide is a corrosive and harmful chemical as it contains traces of arsenic and phosphorous hydride. Comsumption of calcium carbide ripened fruit causes several adverse effects on the health. It may cause arsenic and phosphorous poisioning. The early symptoms of such poisining are weakness, vomiting, thirst, difficulty in swallowing, diarrehea with or without blood, burning sensation in chest and abdomen, irritation or burning in eyes and skin, ulcer, soarness in throat, cough , shortness of breath etc.
    Generally mango, banana, papaya and sometimes sapota (chiku), dates and tomato are ripened using calcium carbide.
    The most common difference between the naturally ripened and artificially ripened fruits are that the former look attractive, but not uniformly colored whereas the later don't look very attractive but uniiformly colored. Also the artificial are generally sour in the core though the outer portion is sweet wheras in the case of natually ripened, they are sweet throughout.

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    Most of the time calcium carbide is used to ripe the fruits prematurely. And this is done to increase the sales of the fruits. Some of the times it helps but in lot of times such artificial ripping process leads to more issues.

    Always note that such fruits are always lacking in the color naturally. So if any fruit has gone through such process you can guess its color is not properly changed. And also the smell on those fruits will be quite different. So you get the idea of how the fruits are smelling like this. Detecting such fruits is the hardest part.

    Some of the side effects by consuming such fruits is that you'd likely to have vomiting, nausea, diarhea etc. You need to make sure that you are not consuming such fruits.

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    Calcium carbide is a harmful chemical used to prepare acetylene gas to be used for welding and for the sheer profit, traders use the same for hastening the ripening process of Banana, Mangoes and Chckoos etc.
    Though the process of ripening takes place in an acclerated way, the residues left in the fruits may cause heart- problem, food poisoning due to presence of Arsenic and Phosphorous, sleeplessness and other neurological problems. Burning sensation in the stomach and chest - burning may also take place. Skin - rash and and allergy may manifest. The most unfortunate part of this dreaded chemical is that despite thorough cleaning of the same with water, it finds its way to pass on into the body system.
    Though there are health inspectors deployed for examining the safety - aspect of the common public, the traders don't hesitate in adopting the short - cut method to make the fruits marketable. In course of ripening the fruits with Calcium - carbide, the taste would differ from portion to portion and sweetness is not achievable uniformly.

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    Calcium carbide is corrosive and so harmful for human bodies. It is used to ripen mango, banana, papaya and other fruits and sometime vegetables. The colour of the fruits ripened using Calcium carbide is attractive, but the taste of such fruits is not good. Consuming fruits and vegetables ripened by Calcium carbide may cause acidity, food poisoning, skin rash, heart complications and neurological disorder.
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