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    Suggest me best software course

    Want to study software after mechanical engineering? On this Ask Expert page you will get all the suggestions you are looking for.

    I have completed my graduation in Mechanical egineering and it is very tough to get job in the core field.
    So I want opt for software side. Can you suggest the best demanding software course to get a good job?
    Awaiting response.
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    Goodday Mahesh,
    Its good you have a Professional degree in Mechanical Engineering. Learning CAD, CAM is also a good requirement for the future.
    SAP is one of the hot courses in software field, it takes time, understanding , hardwork to understand this software taking along a certification
    is more important in this field. There are both functional and technical module in SAP, SAP HR, SAP FICO, MM,SD these are considered to be the
    functional module. SAP ABAP is considered to be the technical module and candidates who have done this course earns a good package from the
    reputed companies. Its does require programming knowledge and mathematical thinkings that is good for to understand.

    Apart from these another hot field in software is JAVA, learning JAVA entirely and able to handle projects in JAVA and CORE JAVA,EJB ,Structs, Hibernate are some
    of the most important in learning JAVA. Since you are a Mechanical Engineer, you must have come across C,C++ in your course. Those are the basic for

    understanding JAVA Language. JAVA is a programming field also.

    C#,, these are the also one of the best programming languages to learn for a good packages. Learning MYSQL, SQL, MS ACCESS - these are the

    databases you must know in addition to the programming language.

    Photoshop, Flash, Flash Action script, Fireworks,Dream weaver there are used for designing and animation Softwares. If you are good in drawing and designing you

    can choose these.

    The above languages does takes 6 months - 1 year to Master the language along with the practical experience. Working Full time and dedication is required for

    Mastering , since in the interview the technical questions will be according to level of the project the company opts for. Along with this Aptitude, Verbal reasoning

    and Analytical skills are also required along with Mathematical problem solving methods. Timing is also important since software projects has to be
    delivered in timing.
    Being as a Engineering Gradudate its easy to handle any one or two of sets of programming language. The first language will take time to understand if you are a

    starter of Programming, but hope not since C,C++ labs, computer papers are also mandatory in Engineering.
    Choose of the programming language and start learning.
    All the best.

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    You are from mechanical field so it helps you take the course which helps your core field.

    For example, CAD, CAM and few other mechanical specific software can be a good option to learn. Those courses may not be available easily. But you can get hands on the software. In such cases the courses would help you in getting the jobs and some field experience.

    Apart from field softwares, you can also learn the C and Python programming. The mechanical field has demand for the languages in these two fields. I have noticed that these two languages you can have some serious level of placement. I'd say this will also make your eligible for the campus placement or the campus jobs.

    SAP and ERP courses can be useful for you to get the job in the ERP domain. These jobs pay a lot for the students. Also there are recruitment drives in these fields. And if you have necessary knowledge then you can make some progress lot quickly.

    I'd say start with learning core knowledge of C and Python. Then move onto CAD and CAM. And if you get chance go for SAP and ERP courses. Apart from this aptitude and interview skills can be good use as well. This should be your process for learning IT related courses.

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