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    What is taught in BA (Women Studies) and MA (Women Studies) courses offered by some universities?

    Looking out for curricula of BA and MA Women Studies? On this Ask Expert page you will get all the information you are looking for.

    Some universities in India and abroad offer BA (Women Studies) and MA (Women Studies) courses ? What is taught in BA (Women Studies) and MA (Women Studies) courses offered by such universities? Is it like social studies or something else? Please give a general outline of such courses.
    Awaiting response to above queries.
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    These are inter-disciplinary courses. History, women's movement, sociology, development economics , population studies & demography, home science. physiology (women's physiology), future of women's liberation movement, finance, etc. are being taught in these two programmes. Very few universities in India have initiated these two programmes. However, M.Phil and PhD programmes in Women's Study are offered by comparatively greater number of universities in India.
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    Women - studies in both graduate and post graduate courses deal with various topics relating to past history and their present achievement. They are taught various subjects such as Economics, Socialogy, Home - science, Women - psycology etc. With such studies, the bevy of ladies can realise the role of supreme ladies in the past like Durgavati, Meera- Bai, Dr Merry Stopes etc. Such biographies could stimulate them to take up different roles in the societies. Though such studies are at nascent at nascent stage at this time, there is every possibility that such courses would pick up popularity in the time ahead.
    There are certain universities which offer even a Doctorate Degree in women's studies. Such studies should be made popular so that there is greater awareness of such programmes among the circle of ladies.

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