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    What should I do in my career B.Tech. or B.Sc

    Interested in IAS after graduation? Confused between BTech and BSc? Check out response from experts on this page.

    I have got 97% in RBSE in 2015 then I dropped for 1 year and took JEE Mains exam and got 98 marks in 2016. I am eligible for NIT college. After that I realised that I should prepare for IAS.
    What should I do:
    a. take admission in NIT, get a job and along with it prepare for IAS
    b. take admission in DU B.Sc Phy.(Hons.) with a part time job of newsreader and prepare for IAS?
    Can you also suggest some scholarship?
    Awaiting advice.
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    I understand from the above information that you are interested in becoming an IAS officer and such an ambition is always welcome. Aiming high is always better but one should live in present. You should be a Graduate in any discipline to become eligible for appearing for Civil services examination. So, first decide yourself which stream you are interested in , Science or Engineering?

    The cut off mark for the JEE Mains examination for getting qualified for Advanced and to get a rank for general category is 100 while you got 98 only and you are saying that you are sure of getting a seat in any NIT. Then it is imperative to understand that you have some concession under OBC, SC or ST or PH. As such, you can take it granted for securing a seat in a NIT. If that is the case, I advise you to opt for B Tech as it is always a dream for a XII student to get an Engineering seat in one of the Premeir Institutes of India It has no comparison with your securing a seat in B Sc. in Delhi University, frankly speaking, unless you have an aversion in studying B Tech.

    You can always prepare simultaneously for the Civil Services examination while pursuing your Graduation by going through various books and journals so that you can get geared up for the same after completion of the B Tech or B Sc. So aspiring for IAS is different from you academics and focus first on your academics.


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    First of all Don't get so much confused it will just make you more panic.I understand the confusion among the students to opt for a right career path.
    And if you are really intrested in IAS then find the subjects you are intrested most and get a graduation degree from those subjects.
    Choose subjects such that they will also be useful in your preperation for IAS.
    Since most of the time what students do is they become technical graduate after and when they begins to prepare for IAS they opt subjects like history,geogrophy e.t.c rather then opting for technical subjects because they fin it easy to opt for non technical subject as their main 2 exam in IAS.
    So if you are really going to prepare for IAS don't take a career option which will help nowhere in your preperation.
    But if you think you can give exam with those subjects you have opted, then both B.S.C and are good option.
    But most students prefer

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    You must foresee the upcoming scenario with prudence. Since you have secured 98 marks in IIT mains and hopeful of getting admission in NIT. If such is the case, you must continue your B.Tech course with a greater degree of confidence. This degree would serve you like a hot cake in all the circumstances. What I mean to say that this degree would match in varying circumstances. Upon completion of this course, doors are open for a number of oppurtunities including your Civil Service Examination. To crack the the said examination, you have to choose three additional optional subjects which would help you to secure high marks such as History, Geography and Philosophy. Apart from it, you must strive hard to strengthen your English and Current - affairs for your success in the IAS examination. You have to be familiar with the IAS cirriculam and prepare accordingly. Simulteneously, you may contemplate for taking up coaching from TIME or from Rao's Study Circle. With your firm determination and right selection of the papers in the test would make you successful in the test.
    You may appear for the other examinations such as Banking jobs, LIC probationary officers examination and other tests in MNC to be selected as computer professionals.

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    The author can very well appear in the IAS examination i.e. the coveted civil services examination after completing B.Tech. course from NIT. Therefore in my opinion, it will be better to first complete B.Tech. from NIT followed by trying for IAS job. Such a strategy will have many other advantages also e.g. in case due to any unfortunate reason the author is not able to finally clear the IAS examination, even then he will have his NIT's B.Tech. degree with him with many options open for either pursuing higher studies or joining a job on the basis of NIT's B.Tech. degree. Nowadays it is very challenging for simple graduates to clear IAS examination. Most of the successful candidates are highly qualified with a good percentage of them from enginerring stream.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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