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    Suggest sites for registering for job recruitment of freshers

    Searching for job sites for freshers? Here, on this Ask Expert page you will get the list of sites which will be useful to you.

    Can you provide name of sites from where I can get information about post of engineers i.e, for fresher? What are the methods for applying for it? These jobs should be part time and provide a decent package so that I can prepare for exam side by side.
    Experts: do provide the sites.
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    As an ISCian, I would recommend that the jobs section of the ISC should be researched thoroughly, not only from the point of view of submitting any application alone, but also to get oneself familiarized with the requirements of jobs as advertized by different employers. Knowing the eligibility, age, academic qualifications and experience criteria of different types of jobs and the format of recruitment process, helps the prospective employees in knowing the nuances of the jobs world.
    A better idea may be to research for advertized new jobs and post the same in in the jobs section of the ISC which will serve the dual purpose.
    As far as the offers of the online part time work is concerned, the author has to be very carefully. Any advertisements which asks for certain amount to be deposited for imparing training etc. is likely to be fake. In fact such advertisers earn in this manner only through the collection of training fee etc.

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    My suggestions are as follows:-

    (a) Check the 'Job' section of ISC everyday. Some Members of ISC are doing commendable job by posting thousands of job opportunities all over India.

    (b) In addition, you must register yourself at,, an get details of jobs under various well-defined categories and sub-categories.

    (c) However, before registering, I would advise you to prepare a good resume of yours, with professional help, if necessary. This is a very important requirement for freshers. This resume should be updated in every six months. Networking with seniors/alumni and faculty-members of your college is also necessary.

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    If you are fresher then your best option is to check the sites which are focused on freshers only. Sites such as the following -

    1. Chetnas forum : This site has lot of posts every day on freshers placement. It is also good for finding referrals which you can't often find it on any other sites.

    2. Freshers World : This website has the information about type of questions being asked in the interviews. The forums seciton is updated on regular basis. Lot of stuff to read in the section.

    3. Monster - This website has the most freshers job listing. You can find a lot of leads in the profiles of the site. I'd say if you are looking for jobs as a fresher, check this site.

    4. ISC - The job section here at ISC is very resourceful. You can find both freshers and experienced jobs here.

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