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    How do the cine-experts decide whether a film is successful or not?

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    I am not a movie-buff. I don't watch commercial movies. However, I do read the reviews of films which appear in the newspapers and in some internet magazines. I am always curious to know how do the cine-experts decide whether a particular film is a success or not. In earlier days, the commercial success of the films was decided on the number of weeks a film is run in movie-theatres. But nowadays I have noticed that the criterion has changed. Now, the success of a film is measured on the gross earnings of a film during the first three days of business.

    I would like to know the reason behind this change. Why earlier the success of the films was measured in terms of number of weeks the films were run in theatres, and why this is now measured in terms of gross income a film generates during first three days of business.

    Experts: kindly give the reason behind this.
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    India is the largest producer of movies in the world, producing about 1500 to 2000 in a year. Still the box office collection is much less compared to many other countries in the world. I think one of the reasons is the rampart piracy through DVDs and downloads which were not there earlier. Immediately after release of a film, the pirated versions enter the market and people start enjoying the same without visiting the theaters to buy the tickets. Thus the box office collections thin down considerably after only few days. The killing is made during the initial days of release. The internet service providers encourage downloading of data with a view to sell their data packages. According to an estimate the Indian film industry loses around Rs.18,000 crores annually due to piracy.
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    In olden days, there is no piracy. Also, people had less knowledge about DVD players and even Televisions. Therefore, if a person wants to see a movie, there is only one way and that is to watch it in a theater. So, movies used to run many days in theaters. My mother once told me that when she was child, flop movies used to run for 50 days in theaters.

    This is not the case now a days. Due to the development of technology (most people trying to misuse), movies are becoming available on the internet within two days of their release. As owners of theaters know that, they try to earn more by encouraging sales of black tickets during the initial days of release. Due to the high ticket prices, some people tend to piracy. So, majority of a movie's collections come in the first three days of its release. Now a days, an utter flop or a flop or an average movie runs in theaters for at most a week or until a new movie releases. If the movie is a hit, it may run for 25 days. If the movie is a super hit (people want to experience it in a theater rather than watching a pirated copy), it may run for 50 days. In recent days, some movie producers are appointing ethical hackers to delete the pirated copies in the internet. Piracy is spreading like cancer and movie makers are starting to try to eliminate piracy. Therefore, a movie can be called successful now a days if it earns good profits to its distributors.

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    Revenue is the only indicator of the success of the film. Though there are other variables such as media hype, people writing reviews, video reviews and few other variables. However it is not easy for us to find out if movie worked out fine unless revenue calculation says so. In short the movie has to make the money more than the amount being spent. If the revenue generated is double the money spent on it. Then it is possible that the movie can be called as successful. However since old times the success of the movie is on the basis of the concept and the execution of the movie. There is a loss too due to piracy but often multiplex and the on demand online system get the movies funding recovered through ads and other ways.

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