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    Want information about bonsai.

    Are planning to grow bonsai? Searching for trees and home made fertilizer? Your queries shall be answered on this page.

    1) Which all common trees can I make bonsai in Pune, Mumbai climate? They should not be rare and easily available in Mumbai, Pune.
    2) How to make a highly efficient fertilizer at home for the bonsai?
    Can you give ideas that are not very expensive for me?
    Awaiting response.
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    Pune/Mumbai climate is suitable for most of the commonly made bonsai trees. Some easily found examples are -
    1. Bargad (Banyan tree)
    2. Jade plant
    3. Peepal tree
    4. Bougainvillea
    5. Lemon tree
    6. Orange/mausambi tree

    To make fertilizer at home, best way is to go for composting. Dig a small hole in your backyard and keep filling it with vegetable refuse, used tea grains, dry leaves from the garden etc, and sprinkle water from time to time. When it is about filled 3/4th, cover it up with soil. Sprinkle water on the soil as well. Your compost/fertilizer will be ready in about a month or so.


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