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    Is traffic generated through a blog link considered as natural and valid traffic?

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    Organic traffic as most of us know is natural traffic that is not generated through such avenues as Facekook, Twitter & other social platforms.
    I would like to know: if I put a link to an ISC article in (a) the side pane of my blog; (b) a scrolling or static text above the fold area; (c) within the text of a blog post, then will any or all of these be considered as natural traffic generators? Or is it that that such traffic will be inorganic and likely any AdSense earnings generated thus be debited as invalid traffic?

    Note that (a) and (b) would obviously be more prominent and immediately catching a reader's eye.

    Experts: do respond to this query.
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    Author box links are treated as organic and natural. They are not counted among the social media linking or traffic. Many people post guest posts on other blog for this sort of linking. It is valid traffic and it is considered as natural. Most of the content writers on sites like mashable, techcrunch and few others used to generate traffic like this. Now authors generate traffic in such way. It is valid traffic. Adsense is discounting facebook and twitter traffic bursts as lot of them are generating low lead for the company. Guest posting on the other hand being non-social media traffic is discounted from such view. It is perfectly safe to use guest posts and author box links for sending traffic to your own blogs.

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