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    How to open online store on amazon or any other e-Commerce websites?

    Want to open an online store? Wondering how to go about it? Find all the information you are looking for on this page.

    I want to open an online store for handicraft items and clothing on one of the well known e-Commerce websites available. I need to know about the procedures involved in it from start to end. Which one is the best for online selling?
    Looking for the best answers, experts do guide in detail.
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    If you would like to open online store from existing e-Commerce sites are not that much tough but you have to fulfil many formalities and continuous effort to fulfil its and its customer requirement.

    You mY open online store at amazon following the below link, detail given as well.

    Other e-Commerce websites (with paid), as below;

    Wish you a good luck!

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    In order to sell on amazon or any other online store you need the following documents and formalities to be done.

    1. Registered business, be it Pvt ltd, LLP, proprietorship etc.
    2. TIN Number
    3. VAT/CST number
    4. PAN Number
    5. Bank account in the name of business or self.
    6. Cancelled cheque for verification

    These are the minimum set of documents and formalities to be done in order to open the store. I'd say it takes time for the store to setup in terms of customers. If you have enough items to sell then start away with one store. Make sure you have above documents and stuff ready before selling.

    If you want to open your own store then you need to setup the above documents along with the payment gateway. However it is time consuming at start so selling from amazon or other established stores makes sense.

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