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    Which field has better future growth(professional and financial)tech support or Software test

    Confused about future growth in Tech Support and Software Testing fields? Wondering which one is better? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am 2014 passout E&TC engineer. I have worked as a PLC programmer for one year. Now I want to get into IT sector. Which type job gives better future growth(professional as well as financial): Tech Support and Software Testing?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Goodday Mate,

    Its good being a graduate especially Engineer. Subjects like C,C++ should be mainly in your syllabus, and must have learned programming language.
    Its good to be a professional engineer like Electronics and Telecommunication engineer. Since C,C++ are the basic for the Java Programming, C# Programming.
    Learning JAVA, EJB, Structs, Hibernate, Object Oriented Programming concepts, also make your self strong by learning Core Java. Apart from those learn databases
    like ORACLE, MYSQL, MS ACCESS. Those are the databases that has to learned and practiced and should be made practical exercises on online. There are several
    websites that provide support for learning Java Online and executing the program online, and those output can be viewed immediately. This is one of the talent.
    websites like ,"" has got lots of programming language to learn yourself.

    C#,, - These are also programming language. Competeting along with Java. Being as a fresher, train yourself on the programming language.
    Along with this you got to learn the Database like ORACLE, MYSQL, MS ACCESS. Those skills has to be along with any programming language.

    Programming and Designing has both got the financial and professional growth, as concentrating on anyone leads to mastering the language or the designing.
    Both have a compete pay. Learning programming is easy than designing, as designing needs good to be a artist. If you are good in drawing learning this designing

    software is easy as learning MS Paint .

    Designing software like Photoshop,Maya software, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, Flash along with Action scripting is used for designing purposes. Designing

    needs critical thinking in design and creative thinking. Using imagination is the best solutions for these. Apart from those learning MS office in depth, MS

    powerpoint is the basic for most of the designing purposes.Learning Scripting language like Java Script, VB Script is also good for web designing, web page


    Testing softwares like winrunner, load runner, Selenium are one of the most good opportunites for starters also. But not on the development side of programming.

    Technical support is also easy to learn and understand, its requires speed in reading , internet researching, knowing about knowledge base articles, finding solution

    for the problems currently in hand. Most of the voice based BPO pay well in technical and switching from companies to companies also make a raise in pay, and in

    the career ladder. Technical support Executive, Senior Technical support Executive, Subject Matter expert, Team leader, Manager and so on if your education also
    grows along with vendor certifications. Easiet one is the technical support to start.

    With any of the skills you have learn Analytical skills with Mathemathical problem solving. Verbal reasoning along with Aptitude is also essential for clearing
    every interview. Speaking and writing English is one of the mandatory for every interview. Its a bonus if you are able to read, write, learn french, German, chinese
    Abroad opportunites are more open for more than one language programmer.
    Utilising some of the libraries for software books are also a good idea, before buying one. Learning a program language is easy as learning a art, starting from scratch

    takes some time and try harder to master the language to understand the most of it.

    All the Best.

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    To be successful in the career, two parameters are essential - the foremost being the degree of passion in the desired field and an inquestiveness to learn more. As you have pointed out your interest in financial sector, this sector has tremendous oppurtunity of advancement provided you have received in depth training in this area. To widen your prospects in this area, an MBA degree in financial - management from a reputed institution would naturally widen your prospects. Tech support executive are recruited in BPO and your prospects in this area would depend upon your ability to communicate effectively having sound presentation - skill.
    In the soft- ware field, the role of Software tester is vital in any project work. In addition to this, SAP, Oracle, Java, too, are the important tools and any one of these can be practised effectively in order to get a job in a Software - field.
    Needless to say, you can expertise any field and your success depends upon your dedication and sound knowledge in the stream, you have chosen.

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    Being a software professional for the past 5 years by advice for you would be to learn a programming language and core aspects of it and get into development. I say this because you are already working as a programmer. When I say learn new programming language, go for well established and popular programming languages.

    If you want to go for Software testing, learn automation and then go for automation. Manual testing may not have a good scope in future as automation is already taking away job of many people. Even in my company they recently prepared automation testing scripts which will reduce the work of 40 hours to just 4 hours without a need for any resource.

    Tech support is another good place if you have very good communication and passion towards it. Again passion is important for development as well. If you are not passionate about development, you will find it difficult. If you can work on tough timelines and keep yourself occupied all the time, then Tech support is also very good. But you will need lots of client handling skills for that.

    Thanks and Regards,
    S Balasubramanian

    Quote: "It doesn't matter what we want. once we get it, then we want something else."

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    Both the fields pretty much earn on same scale on the financial stand point. In case of the testing, it earns same as tech support. Also the amount of vacancies however you may find that tech support has more options. In case of testing you can get growth depending on the company and the amount of projects you have tackled. In case of tech support you have to rely on the amount of years as an experience set. Your skill for solving the tickets and good standing also helps.

    Both fields are good but testing is more demanding on the processional and mental level. Tester requires to be more thought process oriented and focused on finding bugs. Automation testing is required along with knowledge of one good programming language. So it is better to learn programming language and be prepared to get into automation. I'd suggest you to learn as much as you can about automation.

    In case of tech support your skills are based on the amount of ticket and the issues you solve. So it has it's own field of the solutions and challenges.

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    In IT sector, the people who are involved in both the tech support and Software Testing are equally professional and earn the same scale of salary.

    For a tech support, you should have a good Knowledge on your application and should be able to solve the issues in a faster interval of time. The scope of learning in tech support is very less where your skills will depend only on the number of tickets you own and solve.

    Compared to tech support, Software Testing has a very broader scope of learning. There are different types of Software Testing. Some of the common types of software testing are

    (i) Manual Testing
    (ii) Automation Testing
    (iii) Performance testing

    Manual Testing involves the testing of software and web applications manually. To manually test an application no special skills are needed. The tester should have a good knowledge on the application and should effectively design the test scenarios and test cases covering all the test design techniques. The main motto of testers is to identify the defects. The defect should be tracked in a clear manner. There are many defect tracking tools and Test management tools available for Testing. One should have an idea on how to use the Testing tools. Some of the popular tools used for Software Testing are ALM/QC, Test link, SOAPUI, JIRA, Bugzilla, etc.

    Automation Testing has a high scope compared to the Manual Testing. In Automation testing, the testers will write Test scripts to test the application. Almost all the IT companies are gradually moving to automation testing, as it reduces the manual effort. To write the test scripts, one should have coding knowledge. Many automation tools and languages are available for automation but Selenium and QTP are the tools which are preferred most for automation. For selenium, one should have a good knowledge on JavaScript and, for QTP one should definitely know VBScript. Automation Testing is a perfect area to learn and shine. Compared to manual testers the count of automation testers is very low in IT companies. The Automation testing will definitely rule the future. So tuning your skills in Automation will help you to reach greater heights.

    Another testing area to learn and shine is the Performance Testing. Here one should test the load and performance of an application. There are many performance testing tools available, some of the performance testing tools are LoadRunner, HP Performance tester, LoadUI, etc. Similar to Automation testing, the performance testing also has a good future.

    If you are in the plan of moving to Software Testing then get to know all the details about the software testing methodologies and try to have an idea on the Software Testing tools. Compared to tech support, software testing is the best in terms of gaining knowledge.

    Other than testing and tech support, if you are strong in programming languages and have a good skills set in web development and design then definitely Development will provide a wider space to prove your skills.

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