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    What are the micro nutrients which are required in the least quantity?

    Searching for information about nutrients and sub nutrients required by human body? Here, on this Ask Expert page you will find all the information you are looking for.

    We have a list of various ingredients of the food items and a detailed list of the nutrients and micro nutrients required by the human body. What are micro nutrients? How they are different from the common nutrients? What are the micro nutrients which are required in the least quantity?
    Awaiting information from experts.
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    Micro nutrients are certain elements which are invetible for the nourishment of human body. Though these are required in minute quantities but any disequilibrium of such elements may upset the system. Some of such elements are listed below -
    1) Copper- Presence of Copper in our system regulate the Blood - pressure and its low value may cause high Blood pressure.
    2) Chromium- Chromium is a vital element in regulation of Blood - Sugar level. Goose - berry and Black - berries are the chief source of its procurement.
    3) Potassium- A little amount of Potassium is desirable for the maintenance of Blood - pressure. Banana and Grapes may be consumed to compensate its loss.
    4) Folic Acid - Babies are born with severe birth - defects in absence of Folic Acid in the mother and even after the birth of babies they need supplementary doses under the guidance of doctors.
    5) Iron- Less intake of foods containing less Iron may cause anemia to children. Hence Carrots and Spinach - soup would be helpful.
    6) Iodine - deficiency of Iodine detoriates mental - function and care has to be taken to take care of this aspect. Iodine - salt must be included for the preparation of meals.
    7) Zinc- Zinc - deficiency may cause diarrhoea and may cause resperitory - infection. Such supplementation would be required with the consultation of doctors.
    8) Vitamin A - Deficiency of this Vitamin may cause blindness and hence Eggs, Carrots,Spinach - soup must be given to such people on regular basis.
    To include all these nutrients, a little precaution is required and such care does not call for expensive meals. Apples, Papaya, Oranges, Broccoli, Eggs Carrots and Cow - milk must be included to take care of all the essential nutrients.

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    Micronutrients are chemical elements or substance required in trace amounts for the normal growth and development of living organisms.
    Vitamins and minerals are the two types of micronutrients. They are only needed in small amounts, as they play important roles in human development and well-being, including the regulation of metabolism, heartbeat, cellular pH, and bone density. Lack of micronutrients can lead to stunted growth in children and increased risk for various diseases in adulthood.
    All foods contain micronutrients. Here's a list of important micronutrients and common foods where they can be found:
    Calcium - milk, yogurt, spinach, and sardines
    Vitamin B12 - beef, fish, cheese, and eggs
    Zinc - beef, cashews, garbanzo beans, and turkey
    Potassium - bananas, spinach, potatoes, and apricots
    Vitamin C - oranges, peppers, broccoli, and bananas

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