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    What foods should be taken and which foods to avoid by a dengue patient?

    Wants to know about the intake of food for patient suffering from dengue. Here are some suggestions from our ISC experts.

    I read that juice extracted from papaya leaves is the best for a person diagnosed with dengue. I would like to know whether these leaves should be totally new (young) ones.

    1. Which other liquids/juices would be advisable to take?
    2. What type of solid foods if any could be safe to take for a dengue patient? Or only simple boiled food should be taken?
    3. Which foods should be totally avoided by a dengue patient?
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    Many people who suffered from dengue swear by papaya leaves juice.
    In fact , it is now considered as the best home remedy for dengue.
    It should be take in the initial stage and it prevents dengue patients from going in to dengue haemorrhagic state. In the final stage, the benefits are minimal.
    Pharmaceutical companies have developed pills with papaya leaf extract for dengue fever treatment. Papaya leaves are used as a home remedy for cancer and malaria as well.

    How to prepare the papaya leaves juice?
    Take leaves from a fruit bearing papaya plant. Leaves should be neither too old nor too young. Remove the fibrous part, stalk etc, of the leaf and take the remaining part. Crush using a mortar and pestle and take the juice. Do not add salt, sugar or water. Consume it fresh.
    Prescribed quantity is 10 ml for adults (twice a day) and 5 ml for children (twice a day).
    You can see the difference in platelet count within 24 hours. It will start to increase. This does not have side effects.

    1. Juices and fluids which should be taken by the dengue patient
    Have lots of water, coconut water, freshly prepared orange juice, lime juice, fruits like water melon, kiwi, guava etc. Orange, lime etc. is rich in vitamin C and helps in eliminating the toxins from the body. Apple juice with lime juice added in it is also beneficial.

    2. Yes.Boiled food is better for easy digestion as the metabolic activity is slow in the body. Have rice porridge, green vegetables, soups etc. Have tea with ginger extract since it helps in fever cure.

    3.Try to avoid oily, spicy, salty food.

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    A Dengue patient needs to take plenty of fluids. Apart from drinking as much water as possible, it would be advisable to consume coconut water, fruit juices and lime juice. This will ensure the toxins are expelled from the body in the form of urine. Orange juice is a better option as it improves speedy recovery of antibodies.

    Papaya juice is an excellent remedy from Dengue effects. Green leafy vegetables will help you fight the virus. Use high protein diet food like fish, chicken, eggs and dairy products.

    Avoid oily and spicy foods. Salty food can also aggravate the condition.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Dengue is th condition where lot of toxins inside the system is accumulated and as such our main aim is to get rid of the toxins prevalent in the system. The following tips would be helpful in removal of the toxins.
    1) Orange- This is one of the best fruits for the patients suffering from Dengue. It contains a lot of Vitamin- C helpful to mitigate the causes with which one is suffering.
    2) Papaya - leaves- Two tea spoons of Papaya - leaves juice is to be taken in both morning and evening in empty stomach. Pectin present in the juice would eliminate the toxins present in the body.
    3) Dengue - patients need a lot of fluids for the removal of toxins. Warm Ginger - water is helpful especially when the patients are suffering from Nausea in addition to symptoms of Dengue.
    4) The Coconut - water contains electrolytes benificial for the ion replacement for the patients suffering from the Dengue.
    5) Vegetable - juice of Carrots,Cucumberand Green - leaves of vegetables will provide the basic nutrients that the human - body needs.
    6) Fruit - juice such as Guava, Water - melon, Kiwi and other citrus fruits such as Lemon - juice rich in Vitamin - C must be provided daily to the Dengue- patients. In that way, the immunity - system can be strengthened.
    Care has to be taken that the diets being offered to the patients should be light and any food prepared with excess oil and spicy would aggravate the condition. As far as possible, patients should be given fresh foods.

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    Maximum intake of the fluid is the first thing to comprise in diet for the dengue patients. It is sensible to include nutrient rich fluids Drinking ample of fluids helps in removing toxins or unhealthy substances from the body.
    Following are some healthy things which should eaten by an dengue patient;
    Papaya leaves.
    Ginger water.
    Coconut water.
    Vegetable juice. Carrot, cucumber, and green leaf vegetables juice.
    Fruit juice.
    Lime juice
    Patients suffering from the dengue normally do not like to eat much solid food. In such cases, gentle soups can be included so that vitamins, minerals, protein levels are maintained. If necessary, mashed boiled food can be given with little seasoning.
    And specially oily and spicy food should be avoided.

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