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    Why earnings of movies is called box office collection?

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    Why earnings of movies is called box office collection? What actually is a box office? Is revenue earned through sale of DVDs of the movies and through telecasts of such movies also counted as box office collection? Which Indian movie has record of maximum box office collection so far?
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    Hello friends,
    The collection of the movie is called the box office collection because the collection of movie is not only of one person it is the combination of many people. The movie can earn the money buy selling the movie tickets and their DVD.

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    Saket, Please avoid providing ambiguous responses as it would be detrimental to the site.

    Coming back to the question, during the olden days the common people visiting dramas had to sit at the ground level named Pit. The rich and affluent people could have the private boxes on the balcony. The office where one could to purchase tickets for these boxes was called Box Office.

    The private seating arrangements at the theatres were called Boxes and the office from where these tickets could be procured were called Box Offices. The total revenue earned by the drama was named "Box Office Collection". Though the boxes have lost their existence, the term is still used to designate the earnings from movies.

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    Box office refers to the collection office where the performance of the movie in terms of revenue and theater airing numbers are collected. It is formed by the union of the theaters who air the movies. And the number collected by them are called as box office. This also refers to the lobby that takes unanimous decisions on some of the theater related business issues. DVD earning and the TV premier source of revenue isn't counted in the box office performance. Netflix and other online platforms are not part of the box office either.

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    Hello ISC member,

    You asked a very interesting question for which many people does not know the answer. I too know the answer partially before I learnt it now. The term box office was first used in 18th century when private boxes are available in theaters (showing dramas at that time) for people who can pay a particular high amount of price i.e. for rich people. But now a days, the term box office is popular due to the film industry. The place where people can buy movie tickets is called box office. In multiplexes, you can observe a board with the term 'box office' on it on the top of ticket sales counter(s). As most of the amount collected by a movie is due to ticket sales at the box office, movie collection is often called as box office collection. A movie can also earn from selling DVDs etc,. but that does not come under box office collection. I thank you for posting this question.

    Hope this answer helps.

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    A really good question!
    Many old-timers would recall that in earlier days, there were some secluded seats in cinema halls. These were called 'boxes' where ladies and gents of aristocratic families, landlords used to watch films. The cost of these tickets (of 'boxes') was costlier and generally the entire 'boxes' were booked/reserved by one family in advance. The significant portion of the revenue of movies used to come from the tickets of the 'boxes'. The phrase 'box office collection' has originated from these old-time 'boxes' in cinema-halls.

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