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    Are the central ministers Government functionaries or politicians?

    Wondering what are ministers: government functionaries or politicians? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    After formation of the Government by the political parties having majority in the Parliament, few chosen MPs take oath of ministers and function as head of the concerned ministries. Are the central ministers Government functionaries or politicians? What are the differences between a minister and a MP in their respective roles as politicians?
    Experts: do assist.
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    A minister is assigned with a portfolio by the Chairman of the council of ministers i.e., the Prime Minister in the case of Indian Union and Chief Minister in the case of a state. Thus he forms part of the Executive and becomes the Head of the Ministry and responsible for the over all functioning of the Ministry. He is assisted by the Secretary or Principal secretary and other functionaries who would be responsible for the implementation of the decisions taken by the Minister or as advised by the Prime Minister/ Chief Minister. Thus a Minister may be a politician and an elected representative but ones he takes oath of office as Minister, he is also a public servant and accountable for his decisions taken during his tenure as Minister.

    A Member of Parliament representing any house of the parliament can be nominated as Minister by the Prime Minister while a MLA or MLC can be taken into the state cabinet by the Chief minister of the state.


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    A very good question! Many people are confused about the exact status of the Ministers (Members of the Council of Ministers). It must be clearly understood that the status of Members of the Council of Ministers is that of temporary Government Officials. It means that the Central Ministers are temporary Central Government Employees till such time they remain Ministers. Similarly, Ministers of State Governments are temporary State Government Employees till such time they remain Ministers in the State Governments.
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