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    Looking out for a suitable course to get a job immediately? How is the job potential for digital marketing? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am a 27 yrs single woman. I have done my PG in engineering. Due to cross major between UG & PG I didn't get any job so far in 4 years. But I am in need a job for securing my life. Can anyone suggest any course to get a job immediately? What do you think about digital marketing courses?
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    In my opinion completing another course is not a gauranttee to get a job essentially. The author has already completed PG in engineering which itself is a higher degree. There are many competitive examinations through which jobs can be secured by doing extra hard work. The focus should not be essentially on the area of specialization of PG. Banks PO jobs or even clerk grade jobs may be opted for in case so required. Also the possibility of getting jobs in the private schools in the surrouding areas may also be explored. Emails and resume may be sent to the companies located in the city and jobs at private computer coaching institutes may be tried. While doing any job, further efforts may be continued either to get a better job or pursue some additional course simultaneously. With the passage of time, it will become more challenging to secure a job.
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    Goodday Madam,
    Its good being a graduate, especially with a UnderGraduate education and Post Graduate education in Engineering.
    With Engineering as the subject you are strong in the subject, its possible to earn a hand some of money by taking tuitions for the first year engineering students.

    Apart from that its also good if you participitate in the forum discussion in the ISC, and also to look for the job sections in ISC,, Look

    for the job placement agencies and provide them your resume look for the opportunites available for both your degree. Cross major experts are also been wanted by

    some schools, to teach and handle both the subjects in the private school, and the pay is also much better than single subject teachers some times. If you are good in

    teaching trying some schools is also a good option if you are looking for the job security. Apart from that Part Time earning would add extra income if you are a

    teacher. Taking the ISC as a Full time or as a Part time sharing your knowledge and experience is also a good opportunity you create for yourself.
    Colleges for women do look for some of the cross major experts to handle in teaching. If you are close to the college you can also give a try. But make sure you

    prepare for the interview in the subject you are going to answer. Learning the Basic fundamentals in the subject is important for the interview. In some of the

    interview there might be also aptitude questions being asked, also your english speaking skills has to be good in grammars.
    If you are trying for a Government job, you can earn part time by taking tuitions in the evening and keeping your preparatory in the morning times. In this way until

    the result reaches you, its possible to make income in those ways.
    There are few websites where you can register as a fresher in the,

    All the best

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    I would like to know about your specialization in Engineering. From your statement "Due to cross major between UG & PG" what I understood is you have different major subjects in your UG and PG. If that is so, may I know the reason?
    To justify your course in terms of getting a good job, your interest is the foremost required thing. One cannot go for long without interest.
    You may consider doing short term course related to your specialization because a gap between qualification and job in not accepted in technical fields.
    These short term course can be related to animation, digital marketing, website development and many more.

    If you want to have a good, balanced and decent job, you can try in coaching classes. There, you will get paid on hourly basis and you have to teach what ever you have learn during your course.


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    In fact, there is no shortage of jobs for the deserving candidates in any field but the foremost thing to be done in the present circumstances is to explore the areas where you can excel well. The stream with which you have done your post - graduation in Engineering is not indicated. However, there are possibilities of jobs in other fields as well such as Banking jobs including Probtationary - offices, LIC clerical and executive jobs. In case, you have an inclination for the IAS jobs, the same can be undertaken. However, this needs total devotion to studies and determination. Provincial service commission may be tried to secure the job of BDO if you have any interest in this line.
    These days coaching institutes are making huge money by imparting tutions to the aspirants preparing for Engineering - test. In case, you can offer your guidance in any of the fields Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics, there will be substantial earnings and with your good rapport in the teaching field, there would be a surge of your income in future.
    Hence, a rational planning is to be made and persue in the line which fascinate you the most.

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    If you have engineering background then your best option is to get the job into the back-office. Back office refers to department that handles logistics, sales, marketing, admin and human resource. This department requires females to handle the most admin based tasks. You can start your career with the back-office.

    Do note that almost every industry has the back-office department. Most of the recruitment that you can find are in IT department. You can also try for the technical support and voice based BPO jobs. You being experienced in engineering you're likely to have a favored side. Most of the voice based BPO and KPO jobs can recruit you without much of an issue of the past experience. Make sure you show them the reason for the gap if asked.

    Another option in front of you is doing the course in digital marketing or testing. These two fields can accept you regardless of your age and background. You need to be good at the skills for these jobs. Digital marketing for example has jobs for social media and SEO. And these jobs can be also paying consistently.

    You have plenty of options, if required use the referrals and get into the workforce. Once you have atleast 1 year of experience, things will begin to take shape in your favor.

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