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    What is online counselling and how it is conducted?

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    Nowadays many institutes conduct online counselling for admission purposes though earlier there used to be counselling sessions where the short listed candidates/parents used to assemble for the purpose of counselling. What is online counselling and how it is conducted?
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    Online counselling in case of admission process allows student to choose their seats and allocate the seats fairly. In this type of test, you'll be allotted a specific time slot where you can decide your admission options. And then get counselling on which is the right mode for you to get admission and proceed with that. For example, if you want specific stream, then you can get counselling on all the available options and how to get seat in that stream.

    This session can be guided or the automated. Depending on how the process is handled in the university or the state, you'll be given the option to interact. Some of the university from abroad have video conference or the phone support option. In case of the stream choice, the counselling can help you with alternatives too.

    I'd say this process depends on the university and the state. So for you it'll vary where you are conducting such sessions.

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    Online admission process has been a successful introduction in many educational institutions and agencies that organise the Common Admission tests. It has proved to be more transparent in selection and time saving for the students, parents and organisers. Candidates are allowed to opt their choice based on preference in an allotted time schedule with option to modify their preference many times before the time of of freezing. Proper guidance with previous record sheet of allotment particulars are given to the candidates to have a better idea before freezing their choice. In the case of online admissions for IIT/NIT/IIIT etc, a mock counselling would also be conducted before announcing the final allocation of seats to enable the candidates to have an idea of the likely chances of their allotment in a particular institute. this helps them to change their options accordingly and this is done before the final freezing slot time.

    This has its own advantages and disadvantages. a proper guidance and careful study is required and there are chances of losing a good seat due to improper filling of choices by the candidates. Parents should constantly monitor or approach the known/specialist people, if they are not acquainted with the system.


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