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    What is the eligibility criteria for an engineering graduate to pursue B.Ed. program?

    Wondering if an engineer can study BEd and teach in a school? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My qualification is BE Computer Science 2009 pass out. I was working as a lecturer in a Polytechnic college for 5 years. I want to work in a school as a computer teacher. Am I eligible to pursue B.Ed?
    Experts, do suggest.
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    At the onset I am wondering why you want to join a school for teaching computers. As per your current qualification, you are eligible to teach as a faculty in polytechnic. You are in the right place as of now.
    Now coming to answer your question, you are eligible for doing BEd.
    It is a 3 year course, imagine if you opt for this course, you will not be earning. What about your financial liabilities/ responsibilities?
    Based on my extensive experience in the teaching profession I would strongly suggest that you continue in the current place of work and go as a guest faculty to teach in school. No qualification is needed for this guest appearance.

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    The eligibility criteria for B.Ed. course offered by IGNOU is a bachelors degree with at least 55% marks. Since you are a graduate and in case you have at least 55% marks, then you are eligible for pursuing the B.Ed. course offered by IGNOU. There is no minimum and maximum age bar and the minimum and maximum duration of the course is 2 years and 5 years respectively. Admission is based on marks obtained in the entrance test conducted by IGNOU all over India. With due devotion and hard work, the author can pass the course within the minimum duration i.e. 2 years.
    Pursuing B.Ed. course in distance learning mode is relevant in the case of author as he can work also simultaneously. While pursuing the B.Ed. course , he can search and find job in local private schools or computer centers as computer teacher.

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    Yes, as you are a Graduate, you are eligible to take admission in B.Ed course in any University of India. However, you have to think deeply about your target and career. Would you be able to cope up with the environment of teaching in school? After considering all the pros and cons, you can take admission in B.Ed course, because this course is only helpful for teachers. It would not serve any other purpose.

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    As far as your eligibility - criteria for B.Ed is concerned, you are eligible for it. Two parameters are important - you must be a graduate irrespective of streams and you must be attached to teaching profession in some school. But you must think of other possibilities so that your existing qualification BE should be fruitful to you.
    By being a teacher in a school, you would be having a stagnant career, where as with a little preparation and enhancing your presentation - skill in the computer- field, you may get a lucrative job in Software - field. In that way, your skill can be better utilised.
    You need to take serious stand prior to settlement of your career.

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    You are overqualified to apply for B.Ed program. However you have to understand that engineering degree will give you job at polytechnic or the engineering college. Going for the work in the B.ed field is not lucrative option.

    You can give the B.Ed program exam before getting the job. After the B. Ed course you'd be able to get into the workforce. You have to start from the basic few months training. And from there onwards you can continue based on the appointment in specific school or the secondary college.

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    Yes you are eligible for B-Ed course from any university across India as you are a graduate and that is the minimum requirement as per NCTE. However, I am an Assistant Professor in a B-Ed college and would not suggest you to go for Bed degree as now it is made for two years program. You already have done a professional degree course and try to get fruitful results from that degree. If you have a desire to teach in schools, you can directly apply for Computer Teacher. You have to appear in CTET or TET which are eligibility tests on national and state levels respectively for primary and secondary schools.
    If you can I would suggest you to get a masters degree too and apply for NET in your subject. You can be an Assistant professor or research fellow in Engineering colleges.

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