Which treatment is best for GERD, allopathy or homeopathy?

Looking out for treatment for GERD? Unsure about whether to opt allopathy or ayurvedic treatment? On this page, you will get all the advice you are looking for.

I am 26 years old and from last 4-5 years I am having some gastro-intestinal issues. I had consulted many Gastroenterologist doctors and had taken many allopathic medicines. But my problem is deteriorating. The symptoms are strong acidity after each meal, acid comes in my mouth at night and sometimes my throat and tongue. Gums pain while eating and my tongue swells up and at that time I am not able to feel the taste of my food. I also get headache, nausea, bloating and severe constipation with itching and some boils around my anus.
I think that may be some signs of external piles. A month ago I consulted a new gastroenterologist and according to him I am suffering with GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease). He had given me anti depressants with some other anti acid tablets for 10 days. After having 10 days dose when I stopped taking medicine I again got the same problem.
I don't take spicy or junk or any fried food but boiled vegetables. These days I am not taking any medicines and again having the same issue.
Now I am very much confused what should I do. Which doctor I should prefer:should I go to the same doctor or visit an ayurvedic doctor?
Experts: do guide me since I am very much depressed.

thanks for reading my message.