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    Switching from industry to teaching after 9 years...

    Interested in changing career from industry to teaching? Wondering if industry experience will be considered in teaching field? On this page experts shall provide you advice.

    I have done M.Tech Electronics and am working since 9 years in the industry. Now I would like to shift to teaching profession. Will the industry experience be taken into consideration for teaching job in engineering colleges or I will be treated as a complete fresher? Since the pay scale will depend on this experience.
    Experts: do advice.
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    After MTech you can join the teaching profession, and you will be eligible for Assistant Professor's position.
    Agreed that industry experience will add to the salary package.
    Regarding the number of years: It depends on the university / college for how much of industry experience to consider. You will not be a total fresher, but I feel that atleast a few years of experience will be definitely considered.
    Be prepared to take up PhD later, since you will be eligible for designation after PhD.
    You can also check AICTE website for teaching position norms.
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    Goodday Mate,
    Its good you have done M.Tech in Electronics. I hope your Undergraduate degree should also be in Engineering stream if i am not wrong. Since you have worked for 9 years in the industry there is a good option you can go for teaching. Industry experience more than 10 to 15 years of working in the industry in the specialised field has fetched many people as professors based on the experience in the field and in the specific subject they have specialised in those years of working in the field.
    Doing a PHD in the same stream might fetch you as Head of Department along with the teaching position in Electronics. The salary is according to the AICTE. Some
    Management Top colleges are also good in pay . NIT, SASTRA in Trichy are also good in these payscales.

    All the Best

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    There are many private colleges nowadays where it is likely to be possible for the author to get teaching job. However he may have to demonstrate the employer that he has capability to teach and control the class. The best way may be identify few colleges in the area of his choice and then contact the same through emails, phone calls and personal meetings. Another option is to join computer coaching industry for teaching profession or even open his own computer coaching center.
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    You have 9 years of industrial experience. You can use this experience to teach students about how industry works. Also you can use the training for starting your own private institute like this. Most of the students want to get the industrial training and this knowledge can be really helpful.

    Now if you wish to get into training, then it helps if you want to make use of the knowledge that you have already. You can apply using the NET/SET exam for the engineering colleges. If you wish to apply in private college, then in that case you'd have to approach privately. This works if you can show them the experience that you have in the resume.

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    As you have done M.Tech, You are eligible for teaching Engineering students. And You will not be considered as complete fresher but I too doubt, whole 9 years experience will also come into effect while deciding Pay scale. But that experience will definitely be considered. As now completely turning into practical experience based rather than theory based, the industrial experience you have will help you to teach the students how the concepts of the subject was applied in the industries.
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    Since you have done M. Tech in Electronics and interested to move in teaching line hence forth, you can do the same and your industrial exposure to the extent of nine years would be taken as your total experience.
    After switching over your teaching line, you can narrate your experience to the prospective students and your revealation regarding the industrial experience would definitely benifit them. You should also endeavour hard to gain Ph.D at the later stage for your further prospects in the teaching line. Being a M. Tech in Electronics, you need not appear for the Net test required for a candidate having a BE degree in Electronics.

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    An engineering college always prefers a person who has an industry experience because he knows how things work in reality.He is better than people who have just learnt everything by rote.
    ? One suggestion to you would be please write some research paper or any external certification which you can showcase.
    ? Selecting teaching as a job is the best decision as this is a job where you have constant learning, good salary and good work life balance unlike the corporate.

    ? While you will be in service as an Assistant Professor you can do PhD and progress in Teaching.

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