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    What is the correct age to get married for an Indian boy?

    Wants to know the suitable age for marriage for a boy. Let's see what our experts suggest here.

    Families including parents, grandparents and relatives start pushing a 22 year old to think of marriage. Should the boy listen to the parents and agree?
    What is the correct age to get married for an Indian boy?
    Experts: do suggest.
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    Respected mam,
    As my suggestion the age of the marriage of a man when the man can get success in there field , they can get job and earn money for there family and they also handle the family after the marriage. so that the age of the marriage is not fixed but in my Indian constitution, it tell that any man can marriage any girl at the age of 18 or above but my suggestion when the man get success in the life . they have right to marriage but he should be above the age of 18.

    Bittu singh
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    The legally allowed age for marriage for boys in India is 22 . For girls it is 18.
    Like any matter there are two sides for this also.

    If the boy has a family with parents, grand parents , siblings and elders and well wishers with good inter relationships and co-operation, then he gets a good cushion and moderation in any situations and get guidance and help from them. If the family is generally okay financially the boy need not worry about how he will manage a family after marriage. If that is the situation, then I will say the boy is lucky. So in the present question context, it is legal to marry a girl who attained 18 years of age and that is my suggestion. The girls also will have a large caring family and if so desired and agreed, take up a job or studies as there is a back support for all the cares.

    However if the boy's earning and the family finance situation is bad and marriage may entail a separate establishment, then he may wait till a few more years when he gets more stable and confident.

    If situations are otherwise favourable, then age alone need not be a hindrance and the boy should happily go ahead with his marriage as advised by his elders.

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    In India, marriage age for men is 21 and for women, it is 18. That being said , in my opinion, boy or girl, both should get married when they can support themselves. In the case of girls, some do not want to work, some prefer being a homemaker. For them, it is ok to get married early( of course after 18).
    But men should not think of getting married, before finishing their higher studies and acquiring a job which can support himself and his future wife and kids. Because otherwise it creates a lot of stress for himself. Marriage is a big responsibility. One should get married only when he is confident that he can take care of the expenses of other person too. He has to make clear his decision about this to his family who is pushing him. He should have the right to decide when he should get married and after all, he will be the person who will have to suffer the financial problems, not the family.
    In some cases, the boy might be coming from a joint family. He might get financial support from his family. But still, learning to stand on their own feet comes first.

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    21 is the legal age for the man to get married in India. Outside India, the legal age is set at the 18 year old. Boy should stand in his own feet and get financially stable. Also he needs to have some money in his bank for better financial health. Marriage is risky proposition in life and one needs to think about financial ups and down. So I think every boy should voluntarily marry after age of 25 onward.

    Listening to parents may make social understanding. However in the longer run he needs to deal with his own choices. So it is definitely better for him to have financial safety net before getting married. If the boy is from conservative family then still I suggest waiting for an year or two before getting married.

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    There is no "correct" age for marriage. While legally boys/men are allowed to marry after 21, however whether they should or not depends on individual factors. These include maturity, emotional, social and financial stability, family conditions among others. Most importantly the person should have the will to marry and have the understanding of what all it entails. Another extremely important factor, they should have a partner who is equally mature, stable etc. as well as willing to marry them. Whatever is their age when all these things fit, would be the correct age for them to marry. Rushing someone who is not ready for marriage is not ideal.
    If the boy you mention, is not comfortable with the idea of marriage right now then he should not give in to the pressure of family and relatives.


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    According to law a boy is eligible at the age of 21 and it is a minimum age for a boy to get married maximum can vary as per the will of the boy and his family.
    But families should not force or impose their decission on any one for marrying atleast untill the boy get a permanent source of earning and living so that he could have financial stablity and able to support his spouse and future family financialy.
    Forcing someone to marry without financial stablity and mental maturity will only lead toworst results and will not provide happiness to anyone.
    Most of the time elders of the family especially grandparents insists and pressurise their grandchildren to get married at early age aa they want to see their family growing in their life.
    However this kind of things not always results good instead in cases where horoscopes are matched but not peoples leas to mismatch personalities of spouses.
    such cases also cause divorce like situation a young age and these yongsters blame elders of their family for rest of their life.
    So for avoiding such situation it should be solaly the decisaion of person marrying at what age he wants to marry rather than the whole family.

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    Our law says that a boy at the age of 21 can marry, but it cannot consider other important facts related to a happy married life.
    It includes, the qualification of a boy when he is 21, his earning capability, his maturity level and the important one is his own willing to get married.

    Without a positive response for any of the above mentioned facts, a boy must not get married for any reasons.
    Lack of proper qualification and job, the couple will lead a poor life, without maturity a boy cannot handle his responsibilities as a husband, as a father and as a son in law.
    Lastly, if is not mentally prepared for this relation, a going to be bride will definitely suffer after marriage.


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    Marriageable age for the boys has been considered above 21 and that of girls above 18.
    However the success of the marriage lies in many parameters such as the earning potential of the male partner so that he can take entire responsibility of his family. Here family would mean his dependant parents, his wife and the children taking birth as a result of reunion. Responsibility can be discharged effectively only with the abundance of family for his family - member. The children would require a congenial atmosphere to sustain their studies in reputed Schhols in order to get the quality education and in addition to it huge money would be required on the maintenance of health due to soaring prices of medicines, pathological tests and consultation of the doctors.
    The other parameters are trustworthiness, sacrifices in the event of casualties, tolerance of the partners and appreciation of the feelings of each other.
    Both should be matured in their mental - levels and should try to avert heated discussions for the interest of their families.
    Prior to marriage, enough time should be devoted to analyse the temperament of the opposite partner so that they don't develop hardship mentally and physically at later stage.

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    Dear Ms. Seema,

    Well, the age for marriage of boys as per law in India is 21 years. But, just having attained the rightful age doesn't mean the person is mentally ready to handle the pressures enclosed in this kind of relationship. We now belong to the modern era of our country, though you are right, even now in some cases specially where a boy inherits his family business, is expected to settle down and get married.
    We should think before making any such decisions. Because wrong decisions in such relationships ruin not just one life but many.
    Thus, we educated class should influence the elderly members of the family in a positive manner by telling them all the pros and cons of an early wedding.
    I do not say that all early marriages fail over time but I mean to say that it really depends on how much emotionally mature are the two people (the would be bride and groom) are.
    Moreover, a marriage adds to lots of responsibilities, are they capable of handling.
    Next thing having sexual knowledge is one thing and leading a happy satisfied life is another thing.
    so, all these things really matter.

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    As per my opinion if boy is 21 and girl is 18 then they can marry. In your situation the boy is 22 and all of their parents are forcing for marriage. I think he must be mature and working somewhere / doing any business; I mean must have some good income source. Otherwise how could their entire family member force him for marriage?
    The good reasons for early marriage in nowadays are:

    1. Our average life span is 60 years, which may extend up to 80 years; if taken good nutritious food and maintain good health. If a person marries at the age of 22, in between 2-3 years he will be blessed with a child and at the age of 40-45 he can see their children's marriage and grandchildren too.
    2. If a person marries at late and became old while their children are under matured or underage. They may have some financial problem if their parents die at very early.
    3. There are several cases of infertility among late married person. If a person marry after 30 year the rate of fertility decreases in his sperm; due to which the birth rate or chances of children also lessens.
    So, better get marry as early as soon.

    Naresh Kumar
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    Marriage is an important aspect of life and thus decision making should not be done very abruptly. It involves a lot of thinking and mental preparation. As every one around us get married, we too follow them and do the same without even realizing whether we have reached that state where now we have to settle down in our lives and have a family. We merely tend to copy every one around us and since others get married after reaching a certain stage, we realize that we too should tie a knot without giving second thought to it.

    Parents, grand parents and all other near and dear ones wish good for us. They want only good things for us and nothing else and thus they kind of forces us to get married. As they want to see their children or grand children happy they are forcing this boy to get married. Our society feels marriage is an end to all sorts of troubles we are having. If a boy or girl are not matured enough and bringing bad name to their families, immediate thought that arises in minds of his/hers family members is to make them settled through marriage. If boy is not earning enough and spending all his valuable time and is getting wasted in addictions, parents think that marriage will help him come out of his addictions as responsibility of family will make him a nice person. They do not even give a second thought that when person is not able to take his own responsibility, how can he shoulder others responsibility on his shoulder.

    As every one around us more or less settle down after reaching a particular age, finding partners after reaching a matured age becomes difficult. In young age, we can find and choose from lots of options available whereas as one crosses 30 or 35 years of age then scope for them narrows down and options become very less as most of the others are settled. Thus, lots of pressure is exerted so that one settles down at right age so that he/she should not have to go through the stage where finding a suitable partner becomes difficult. Also, society some how does not take bachelorhood very easily. As every one or say most of them are settled in society, it corners them who are not settled.

    With changing time, every thing is changing. Earlier childhood marriage was widely practiced. Once it was banned, early marriage i.e., as soon as a boy/girl reaches legal age of marriage they were made to settle down. Education then was not given a lots of importance. However, today not only boys in fact girls excel in education with their masters degrees and have become career oriented. Not only boys, girls too want to have a high paying job before they settle down. Thus, marrying in early 20's is usually not seen and people usually prefer to marry in their late 20's and some even in their 30's. Finding partner in their 30's is not that difficult today when compared to how difficult it used to be a decade ago.

    It is up to the boy to decide when he has to finally get married. If he is matured enough at the age of 22 to deal with marriage and is mentally prepared then it is the right time for him to settle down. If he is having second thoughts about it then he should give himself some time and clear all the thoughts. Pressure from family and relatives should not bother him much because if he marry under pressure without convincing himself with good reasons then he may fail miserably. If he is not ready then talk to family and ask for time in which he can clear all his doubts and achieve that is left underachieved.

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    Marriage is an important event of any one's life. I want to answer the correct age of an Indian boy. It is a general statement that when a boy is well settled, he should marry and it is widely applicable. But if we answer specifically for an Indian boy, the suitable age of marriage is 27-30 years. At this age normally, an average Indian boy gets settled. If we calculate the age education wise, a normal boy completes his Graduation before the age of 22 years at max. He gets job normally up to 25 years. For many job normally age limit is 27-30 years. Few years one must earn and save some money and look after his parent's/home's need. There are many aspirations of parents and fulfilling those fully becomes slightly difficult after marriage. Hence one must pay attention towards one's parents for 3-5 years.
    Secondly 25-35 is the most suitable age for to have a healthier child. Person is mature enough both physically and mentally.
    If we have a child at the age of 30-35, he attains the age of 25-30 before his father retires at the age of 60. Thus child settles before the retirement of his father. This age is not only applicable to job holders but to businessmen, farmers too.

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    Legally, an Indian boy can marry after attaining 21 years of age. Physiologically, he can marry till he has the virility. And socially and economically, a boy should marry only after becoming capable of sustaining himself and his family.
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    As per the rule of Indian act the correct age for boys is 22 years and girls is 18 years, but it doesn't mean that as soon you complete 22 years you should get married. Actually for successful life after marriage the boy should have a job or any business run by him. To complete this process a boy may require atleast 4 -5 years. I think after that he can think of marriage.
    I feel that 22 years for boys and 18 years for girls is too early for them to get married, because they will hardly know about the world. They will have just completed their graduation.
    So to have happy married life its better to know than knowing nothing.

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    Today a boy has to be financially independent before he thinks of the marriage. After completing education it takes 3-4 years to settle down in a job. So on an average time of marriage starts at an age of about 27-28 years.
    In some business communities the age may be less as children can take up the paternal business positions at an early age.
    The modern society and its aspirations has put the marriage at an higher age than it used to be in past.

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