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    Natural remedies for height increase

    Searching for natural remedies for increasing height? Find solutions from experts on this page.

    I am 19, I weigh 55 kg and my height is 155cm. My target in 170cm.
    What can I do to gain height?
    I would like to opt for natural remedies.
    Can you suggest exercise or nutrition or any other routine to increase height?

    Experts: do assist.
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    You have two more years upto which your height will increase. After 21 you can't increase your height. And here are some of the steps that you can take to increase the height.

    1. Use cycle if possible. It helps with metabolism and growth of height.
    2. Join gymnastics and aerobics.
    3. Meet dietitian and get a better plan for your healthy eating.
    4. Do exercises that help with the height growth.
    5. Go for running, jogging as well as basketball.

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    As you are 19, you have maximum two years to increase your height, which is to some extent genetic.

    For increase of height, you have to increase the rate of metabolism. Different types of physical exercises including cycling, playing basketball, swimming, etc. would help. Moreover, correct posture of sitting and standing is also necessary.

    I reiterate that height of a person is to some extent genetic. You can't go beyond a particular limit if the height of your parents or other relatives is not very good.

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    Before suggesting you anything, I would like to know following facts-
    1. Your Gender- because the height is a factor which works differently for males and females. If you are a females, then there are less chances of increase in size at the age of 19 through natural remedies.

    2. Your family details- like heights of your parents. It is because, this factor may get inherited from your parents genetically. In such case, you need to consult an endocrinologist who may suggest you some hormonal supplements which supports increase in height.

    Apart from above mentioned points, healthy diet, out door games like basket ball, badminton, etc. will help you a lot.
    Swimming, cycling, a good long walk also helps in height gain. You can also try skipping.


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    Now days every body wish to look fair, increase height, but first of all we should remember if all our family member is of short height then there is very less chance of increase your height.
    But if there is no such issue then some suggestion for you.
    1- Eat proper food , increase taking calcium and iron in your food.
    Add sprouted Moong and Chana in your Break fast or evening snacks.
    Have Tomatoes, spinach etc
    2- Go for jogging every day early morning, with bare foot .
    3- Do surya Namaskar everyday.

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    Here are some points which helps in increasing height naturally.
    1] Get adequate sleep
    2] Eat Healthy foods
    for eg; Get enough Vitamin D and Calcium
    Eat Zinc
    Develop a Good Eating Schedule
    3] Engage in Sports or Regular Exercises
    for eg; Swimming, Hanging exercises, Toe Touching exercises,
    The Super stretch, Skipping rope or Rope jumping etc
    4] Form a habit of practicing good posture
    5] Make an effort to keep your immune system strong
    6] Drink plenty of water
    7] Keep away from factors that hamper growth

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