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    What nutrition is required to control low blood pressure?

    Interested in controlling low BP? Searching for nutrition tips? Find the answers to your query on this page.

    Generally people suggest for a regular exercise and walk to control sugar and BP levels. Low BP is something which will result in some negative impact on health. What are the nutritional supplements to check this?
    Experts: do advice.
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    To control low Blood Pressure

    1. You should be strict on your Diet.
    You should have a healthy diet which includes protein, fresh fruits and vegetables. This will control the Blood pressure.

    2. Have smaller portion of meals frequently than 3 large meals.

    3. Avoid drinking Alcohol and stay hydrated. Drink as much as water you can.

    4. Increase Salt intake for low Blood Pressure

    5. Drink raw beetroot juice everyday and also include black coffee in your everyday diet.

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    Most of the people do exercise and also keep an eye on their diet. For example, some of the food items can be really good for controlling blood pressure.

    Bitter gourd works best on controlling your blood pressure. Most of the time when we are consuming it in raw form, it can help more. You can make bitter gourd chips without adding any salt but just shallow fry.

    Apart from food changes the best option is to go to the gym. It helps a lot in controlling the blood. Most of the people get more benefits from jogging too. Also go out often in the outdoors that helps your health too.

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    Low blood pressure is the result of negligence of balanced diets, less drinking of water and inclusion of less nutrients. The following tips would be helpful in regulation of Low Blood Pressure-
    1) Care has to be taken to stay hydrated. Water intake has to be stepped up to the extent of minimum 3 litres daily.
    2) In case of feeling discomfort, two tea - spoons of glucose may be consumed in order to arrest the fall of blood - pressure.
    3) Salt - intake has to be enhanced to some extent to maintain the blood - pressure.
    4) Engage in light exercise in order to maintain uniform flow of the blood. Cross - leg sitting or raising the arms up and down for small interval may help.
    5) One must protect the extreme heat since heat -exhaustion may lead to Low Blood Pressure.
    6) Alcohol - consumption has to be curbed.
    7) Consumption of Beet - root juice for a number of times in a day would be helpful.

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