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    What additives should be added in the water for mopping the floor?

    Interested in mopping the floor clean? Searching for suitable additives? Check out responses from experts here.

    In daily house cleaning routine, the floors are mopped. Is it enough to mop the floor using plain water? If not then what additives should be added to the water to be used for mopping the floor? Many people suggest adding some salt also in the water. Is it advisable to add salt in the water? What are the branded products available in the market for mopping the floor?
    Awaiting suggestions?
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    Mopping is basically a cleaning process we used for floor cleaning. Floor the part which is always in touch of dirt, germs and other such things. So floor cleaning is very important and we cannot consider plain water for cleaning or mopping of floor.

    Most of the people use germicidal solution (phenyl) for mopping. There are many such brands available like Lizol, Sunny, Clean All, Germinil, etc.
    I have not heard about adding salt in water for mopping but have seen people using Detol or Savlon for that purpose.


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    The larger dust and particles like pieces of paper and other solid matters get cleaned by dry mopping using a common broom or a brush with nylon or natural fibres. However, the very fine dust may no get removed by usual cleaning by brush or brooms. To remove that we ether need vacuum cleaning or wet mopping. However it depend son the flooring also to use type of mopping dry or wet.

    f there are no strong fixed stains on the floor just plain water s enough. For just a few stains here and there on a glazing tiled floor, rubbing that spots with a smooth wet cloth strongly and then doing general wet mopping with plain water is enough. However on floors where pets have moved, or in seasons hen insects and flies are probable, then a few drops of Lemon grass drops can be added to the water. Please try at a sample area and ensure that that itself is not staining. Otherwise locally available phenol based cleansing agents can be used in dilution.

    A floor which is regularly cleaned everyday may not need the cleansing agents every day also. However some may like the fragrance of the cleaning agent that will pervade the air for sometime. If so some good cleaning liquid may be used in little quantity every day.

    Please do not use chemicals with acidic nature that may corrode the floors. Before using any new and unfamiliar chemical material, test it at a remote corner as sample for any problems.

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    Floor is mopped so that the floor looks clean. Plain water is enough to mop the floor if mopping is done everyday and if floor is not very dusty. If additives have to be added you can add phenol to the water. You get scented phenol in market which also helps removing odor if any.
    Apart from phenol, there are other additives in market like Lizol, Mr muscle, Some etc.

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