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    How to identify artificially ripened mangoes being sold in the market?

    Want to buy ripened mangoes? Wondering which mangoes are naturally ripened? On this page, experts shall provide you answers to your question.

    Nowadays artificially ripened mangoes are generally being sold in the market. Such mangoes are ripened using calcium carbide. How to identify such mangoes at the time of buying the same? Is it possible to differentiate the same from the naturally ripened mangoes by physically examining the same?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Calcium carbide is used to artificially ripen the mangoes and other fruits. It is not harmful if used in specific amount. However if the fruit attracts bacteria then it may consider harmful. If any other agent is being used to artificially ripen the fruit then that could be one issue with the health too.

    Here are some ways to identify if these fruits are artificially ripen.

    1. Get a bucket of water and put the mangoes in it. If the mango floats then it has artificial content in it. If the mango goes down then it is naturally ripen.

    2. It lacks in uniform color. So at one point they may look orange on side and a bit whitish on another. That issue of the uniformity can be one issue.

    3. Difference in taste. Most of the artificially ripened mangoes feel hollow in taste. Often that sweetness and wholesome feel will be missing.

    4. Smell of artificial agents is often obvious. You should definitely check it out.

    These are some of the obvious signs of ripened fruit. You can also check YouTube for how it qualifies for what makes any mango artificially ripened.

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    Calcium carbide is used to artificially ripen thee mangoes. The easiest ways to check such mangoes are:-

    (a) Colour: The colour of artificially ripened mangoes is not uniform.
    (b) Odour/Smell: Mangoes which are artificially ripened by calcium carbide have a peculiar smell, which is not pleasant.
    (c) Hardness: Such mangoes are comparatively hard.

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    Mango is an juicy fruit loved by all , specially enjoying drinking cold mango juice in summer season. But presently due to less rainfall mangoes are not ripened properly on time so the mango vendors add artificial ripening agents to mangoes for eg: Calcium Carbide which are harmful to human body.
    So will buying artificial mangoes can be identified green patches along with yellow and may be easily defrenciable from natural mangoes.
    It can also be identified by the taste after eating artificial mangoes you may have an burning sensation on your throat.

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