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    How many circumambulations should be made around lord Shiva temple?

    Confused about how many rounds to make around the deity- Lord Shiva? On this page experts shall respond to your query.

    Many of us go to the Temple to have darshan and do pradakshina of the Deity. People of different regions adopt different procedures with regard to number of Pradakshinas around the temple.
    For example, the priests in Odisha won't allow you to make a full round at Lord Shiva mandir and you have to make three hemi-circular rounds which makes one and a half round pradakshin only.
    While there would be three circular rounds around the temples of Shiva in the places at Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra and Maharastra.

    What is the reason behind the different ways of approach for the same deity?

    Awaiting advice from experts.
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    In Maharashtra there are some people who make 16 or 21 rounds, aka pradakshina. It depends on the temple. Some have different way of respecting the deity. Some even ask you to keep 16 rounds on specific day of the week. This is usually Monday. The reason behind different approach is purely on the basis of belief. From north to south, the society has different way of doing things for each deity. That's why there is a difference. It's all due to belief and perception towards deity.

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    Generally in Shiva temples the full circumambulation is not done in the very first circle around the main deity area. Devotees have to go only upto the 'Ganga"or 'Gomukhi' channel coming from the inner sanctum. ( That is the outlet drain for the Abhisheka liquids poured over the Shiva Linga and hence considered sacred as Ganga flowing down from Shiva's head).
    Then they have to retrace and reach the other bank of the outlet drain from the other side, and reach back where they began. That completes a Pradakshina in Shiva temple. The same process can be repeated any number of times as we wish.

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    According to our vedas, the circumambulations to the God/Goddesses differ from one to another. Accordingly, One to Ganapathy, Two to Aditya and Bhadrakaali, Three to Shiva, Four to Vishnu and Ambal (Devi), Five to Dharmashashthaa, six to Subramanya/Muruga, seven to Durga,Banyan Tree and Twenty one to swayambu murthy.

    Besides this there are devotees doing more circumambulations as they vowed the God during their prayer like many people vow to offer single to one hundred and eight coconuts braking.

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