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    How to get financial assistance from NABARD?

    Interested in getting financial assistance from NABARD? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I am a unemployed person and I am thinking to start a farm. Therefore I am planning to apply for a loan from NABARD. Can you tell me the procedure in detail? How to start procedure for application of the loan?
    Experts: do assist.
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    Please approach the nearest Agricultural co-operative bank, state co-operative bank .In the area where you want to carry out your agricultural activity. If that is not available go to a nationalised bank where you have an account. Even if you do not have account there se also you can approach them. They will help and guide you in this regard.

    There are some financial schemes which banks give and NABARD refinance them or subsidise them. NABARD makes its lending and refinancing through other lending institutions.

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    There are some schemes for the farming supported by NABARD. Few schemes are as follows ;

    1. Dairy farming.
    2. Flower greenhouse
    3. Bee farming

    In case of dairy farming the subsidy is from 3 Lakh to 10Lakh upto 10 animals purchase. In case of bee farming the investment supported is upto 2Lakh for initial business plan. In case of flower and other small crop farming, you can get funding upto 4 Lakh.

    Apart from this you can also start farm related services and business and still avail the loan.

    Things you need -

    1. Register a company. You should have either propitiatory business, NGO etc.
    2. Decide the type of activity and have the written declaration for the work tasks involved.
    3. Have business plan in writing.
    4. Bank loan request form. Banks should be supported for the NABARD loan.
    5. Repayment plans for the bank

    If you manage these things then getting loan for the NABARD is not hard. You just have to focus on getting the results from your farm.

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