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    Can a BCom graduate become a software programmer?

    Wants to know whether a Commerce graduate can be a good software programmer? Check here the views of our ISC experts.

    Software is a big market and there are many job opportunities in this sector. Lots of graduates from different fields flock to the software field, attend some courses, spend a lot of money and then search for jobs. However very few get jobs and flourish.
    The questions are:
    1. Can a BCom graduate become a software programmer?
    2. Which courses and certification should the graduate opt for?
    3. Is it necessary to join some coaching class/ training institute or can the study be done at home?
    4. If the study can be done at home, can you share some tips and links to content.
    Awaiting advice from experts.
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    Here are answers to your questions.

    1. Yes BCOM graduate can become software programmer. You just have to learn more things than the engineering and science graduate students to keep up for some fundamentals. Otherwise you can become software programmer, tester too.

    2. You should learn basic programming languages such as C, C++ and Python. Then once you get an understanding of languages, you can go ahead and learn Java, C# and Ruby or other programming languages, depending on requirement. All of these languages open doors for the jobs and placement.

    3. There are plenty of online websites such as - codeschool, treehouse, codecademy, khan academy. So you can learn using these sources. It helps if you learn online because learning happens lot quicker. You spend more money and time on offline institutes and coaching centers. Also often they don't even give placement. So learning online is much cost effective option.

    4. Here are some of the resources that you can try.

    Code Academy :
    Devnami Youtube Channel :
    Khan Academy:
    General Assembly :

    Learn whichever language interests you the most. Then do some side projects to create your portfolio. And from here you can get certifications or approach the offcampus jobs.

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    Yes, a B.Com Graduate can become a software programmer. I have one relative who has done B.Com and then he did some course related to Software-Autosys form NIIT. Now he is working in Wipro.

    So, it is required to pursue some short term course to get a good grip about the subject. While pursuing B.Com, candidate does not get much idea about Software programming and without studying that he or she will not be able to have good job.
    There are many private institutes like NIIT, offering such courses with 100% job placement guarantees in high reputed companies.


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    Yes, being a commerce graduate, you can go ahead with your computer programming. In case, you are a fresher and have scored a minimum 75 percent marks, there are numerous IT companies who would be pleased to recruit you. Under such circumstances, you have to satisfy the Interview - board with your alacrity in answering the queries being put them and at the same time your presentation - skill should be impressive.
    The other way would be to be familiar with the programming skill such as Java, C++, Oracle, Soft - ware testing etc. It would be better to receive the specialised training in a particular module with either NIIT or APTECH for the clarity of fundamentals. Similarly, on Hard - ware front, there are many institutes including Jetking offering you training in CCNA, CCNP etc to equip you with Hard - ware skills. So, choosing a module would depend upon your interest.
    It would always be advantageous to join a reputed Institute in order to be efficient in a particular programming. At least you get a plateform to clarify your doubts. In that way, you can strengthen your skill and learning of such basics is not possible at home. In

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