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    Do multinational IT companies conduct competitive examinations for recruitment?

    Searching for information about recruitment process in MNC? Wondering if they conduct competitive exams? On this page experts shall answer your query.

    Nowadays most of the recruitment are done through competitive examinations. Do multinational IT companies conduct competitive examinations for recruitment in thier companies? In case not, then what is their recruitment procedure in general? Are only personal interviews conducted?
    Awaiting response.
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    Recruitment procedure depends from one company to other. There is no competitive examinations held in multi national company like the ones held for banking etc.
    But there will be aptitude, reasoning test conducted as the part of interview procedure. Screening is done based on the performance of the aptitude conducted.
    Usually most of the companies will have 3 rounds.
    1. Aptitude
    2. Technical round and
    3. HR round.
    Some companies might conduct 2-3 rounds for technical alone.

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    Recruitment - drive of most of the IT companies give special emphasis on the talents of the aspirants. The aspirants have to go through the following different tests to prove their intrinsic capabilities. These are Aptitude tests, Technical round and HR round. Aptitude test in which Reasoning too is included is the written one. Upon clearance of this test, they are supposed to face the Technical round where their technical - skill is to be assessed. Then follows the HR round where the emoluments and perks are likely to be decided. Finally, the medical - test would be followed to ascertain the fitness - level of each successful aspirant.

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    Almost every MNC has it's own recruitment process. This process involves series of test to cut off the potential candidates. This process may include the following.

    1. Aptitude Test
    2. Communication Test
    3. Technical Test
    4. Group Discussion
    5. HR Round

    These are most common round. Some of the companies however rely more on the technical tests to cut off the potential candidates. In case of small business, they focus more on the aptitude and communication. And some rely more on the educational percentage to recruit candidates.

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    MNC IT companies do not follow a competitive examination procedure.

    Most of them have a selection criteria which is a grade system based on the educational qualifications of the candidate.

    The qualified candidates then goes through a series of assessments conducted by the hired recruitment firm or the company which includes

    * Aptitude test ( English, General knowledge, Numerical ability, Logical Reasoning)
    * Email writing, English Grammer Assessment, Typing Speed - This is an optional requirement based on the company
    * Group Discussions
    * HR questioning - to understand if the candidate fits the hiring requirements, managing salary expectations. This step can be performed at a later stage as well.
    * Technical Questioning - based on the hiring needs
    * Short-listing of the candidate as per the interview results
    * Making the final offer

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