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    What are the nutrition facts of the custard apple?

    Interested in knowing the nutritional value of custard apple? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    What are the nutrition facts of the custard apple? Where it is grown in India? In Hindi language the fruit is known as 'Sharifa'. What are its name in other major Indian languages? Is it used only in the recipe of custard or other dishes can also be made using the custard apple?
    Experts: do respond.
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    100 GM of custard -apple does contain the following nutritions -
    1) Calories- 80- 100 cal
    2) Protiens - 68 GM
    3) Fat- 0.5 GM
    4) Carbohydrate- 20.0 GM
    5) Iron - 0.42 GM
    6) Calcium- 17.6 mg
    7) Phosphorous - 14.7 mg
    8) Carotene- 0.007mg
    9) Thiamene- 0.075 mg
    10) Rivoflavin- 0.86 mg
    11) Niacin- 0.528 mg
    12) Ascorbic - acid- 15.0 mg
    13) Nicotinic - acid - 0.5 mg.
    Because of enough nutrition, Custard - apples are useful for healthy weight - gain, good for eye - sight, good heart - tonic and even it can arrest hair - fall.

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    Custard Apple an dry land food also known as Sweetsop and Sugar Apple.
    Below is the nutritional information of custard apple per 100 gm.
    1] 75kcal
    2] 17.7g carb
    3] 3g fiber
    4] 7g fat
    5] 2g omega 3
    6] 1.6g protein
    7] 13% RDI tryptophan
    8] 1mg thiamine/B1
    9] 1mg riboflavin/B2
    10] 6mg niacin/B3
    11] 3mg pantothenic acid
    12] 3mg pyridoxine
    13] 23ug folate (6% )
    14] 12.6mg of vitamin C
    15] 3mg of vitamin E
    16] 1mg of copper
    17] 3mg of iron
    18] 17mg of magnesium
    19] 1mg of manganese
    20] 26mg of phosphorous
    21] 287mg of potassium
    22] 2mg of zinc
    For proper growth of custard apple dry and hot climate is required.
    Custard seeds are planted from between april and may and fruits bears between august and november.
    In India at Andra Pradesh, Maharastra, Karnataka, Bihar, Orrisa, Assam, and Tamil Nadu are the following states were Custard Apples are grown.
    In other Indian languages for eg: in Tamil it is known as "Seethapazham" ,in Kannada "Sithaphala", in Telgu "Sitaphalam"
    ,in Marathi "Sitaphal" and in Assamese "Katal".

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