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    How Wind Energy will be used in the future

    give me your ideas on 'How Wind Energy will be used in the future.. plz share your ideas to help me how wind energy will be use in our future and life to make pollution free enviorment & how we can make life easy to use the wind energy and how other countries will also use it
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    As a matter of fact the wind energy is also a form of solar energy only. Wind flows because of uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun. The wind turbines convert the dynamic energy in wind due to its flow or wind speed into electrical energy by rotating propeller like blades around a rotor. A number of wind turbines are installed at a single location to develop a wind farm. The largest wind farm of the world is located at in the Gansu province of China. Its installed capacity was 6,000 MW in the year 2012. Though its initial installation cost is high, but there is o fuel cost involved. The Denmark generates 40% of its electricity from wind.
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    Suzlon and few other companies are working on the wind energy project throughout India. Such projects usually install the wind mills in places where there is ample amount of wind available. And such projects help the local areas for the energy and also for the wind generation in the area. This also has some drawbacks due to the issue with the installation. As the area can be used for anything else than the wind mills in such case. Also from local region they are kept away for the sake of safety.

    Wind energy however has limited scope due to natural elemental control. So apart from some villages, it's not easy to harness much energy out of it. Some villages and rural areas can benefit from the wind mills. Also the maintenance is expensive, this makes the wind mill costly on that basis. Otherwise it is one of the clean energy sources. Depending on the available region, it is possible to generate good amount of energy.

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    As wind power is very useful but humans has not found ways to completely utilize it till now.
    So we can't replace current power supply system completely but we can enhance its efficiancy by manyfolds by using it in coordination with grid system.
    Wind energy when interconnected with current power grid system of a country can work as backup for the conventional source of energy durring high power demand.
    And durring the run off period for hydro plant is low,for preserving coal resorces of a country.
    Industries can also make their own wind power plants in a seperate area for providing continuous power in case of grid faliure.

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    Wind is a indirect form of solar energy. Wind blows due to solar heat in atmosphere. During day time, land becomes warm in comparision to water. So, wind blows from water side to land side. During night, water becomes warm in comparision to land. So, wind blows from land side to water. Wind blows due to revolution of the Earth.
    Wind energy is used in wind power plant. Wind moves the propeller and it starts moving. The propeller is fixed with DC generator. So, DC supply is created which is stored in battery. Battery is combination of cells which is connected in series. Wind energy is a renewable/non-conventional type of energy.
    In India many states adopted this wind technology. Wind blows in sea beach throughout the year. So, wind power plant is installed in sea beach. It is very useful in energy crises in India.

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