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    Do all drives get formatted when I upgrade from 32bit os to 64bit OS?

    Are you formatting drives? Unsure about upgradation from 32 to 64 bit OS? Find solution to your queries from experts on this page.

    I am using Windows 7, 32 bit and want to change it to 64 bit. I have 4 drives C, D, E and F .
    D,E and F have other important data. So if I upgrade it to 64 bit will I lose all my data from D, E, and F or should I backup those files?
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    Hello friends,
    It is very simple to convert the local drive C , D and E in 64 bit . First of all you will re install the win 7 with 64 bit software the local drive C, D and E will automatic change in the 64 bit.

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    Operating system version requires file system formatting to change it's version. So if any OS is set at 32 bit version then one needs to format the HDD. And once it is formatted the version also requires to be format the HDD for NTFS or higher file system.

    In case of Windows 7 64 bit version, you have to format the operating system. Insert the disc and go through the formatting steps. Here you have to format the HDD and change the file system type.

    You can use the built in tools for conversion to 64 bit. However it is always better to format and convert into 64 bit. The reason being the performance of the device improves a lot.

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    Converting windows 7 32 bit to 64 bit is not difficult and it never delete your data from drives D, E and F. The windows need to install on the drive C. Step 1: insert a window 7 bootable disk. Step 2: restart your system. Step 3: select the option "insall". Step 4: select custom type installation. Step 5: select 64bit from the dialog box. Step 6: select the drive C. Step 7: from the drive option format the drive C. Step 8: select next and installation will be start. Your system will restart several times. Give date, time, user name and password when ask. Then your system will be ready for first use.

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    If you want to convert 32-bit to 64-bit there is no need to format your D,E,F drives just install the operating system on your Local-Disk C.

    when you choose custom installation while installing windows choose only C disk to install the OS (you can format the c disk also).

    If you install new OS on your system you need to install all drivers again.

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