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    Civil Engg lecturer job after completing BTech

    Wondering if you can get a lecturer's job after BTech? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I got GATE score of 634,AIR 1679.I want to do MTech Structures. I have cleared written test in IIT Bombay and the interview was not up to the mark. I could answer only 3/5 questions.
    After that I went to Roorkee and got self-financed seat. Because of to poor financial condition I cannot accept the offer.
    I have decided to attend GATE once again.I have worked very hard at home without taking any outside coaching.I have good knowledge of Civil Engg subjects. I want to work as a lecturer in college.
    Am I eligible?
    Experts: do advice.
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    If it ia just about being a lecturer then you can apply in various polytechnic colleges and their are also various private colleges which hier technical graduates as facalty.
    But for being a assistent professor in a good government college you need to have higher qualification.
    And also need to study about the UGC norms for the appointment of a facalty and thrir qualifications.

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    Yes, you can obviously get a lecturer post in private engineering colleges. You can even give a try in coaching classes for engineering.
    As you have GATE score, you can have good job in teaching.

    Apart from that, I suggest you to not to leave hope and keep trying to get in good institute for research if that is your dream. There some other institutes also which are working good in the field of engineering and technology like NIT.
    So, you may try in other lower ranks universities, where you can get scholarship for your research.
    Other options like to join a project, is again an option where you will get paid from institute.


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    If you are not MTech then you'll be appointed as assistant lecturer or the lab assistant. And from here you can use that experience for university appointed professor. You have to pass the NET/SET exam specific to the university and apply for the lecturer position.

    Your best option is to start teaching to the first year students. And from there you can teach the higher graduate students. Most of the time this process takes few years. This is the most common approach to take for professors.

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    Your idea to persue the teaching profession is a welcome step. First of all you should secure a jog in any private Engineering - college or any polytechnic and start preparation of GATE test with your full determination so that you manage to get a percentile of 97 percent or beyond it so that you can get a seat for M.Tech in a reputed Institute in the next year. Your M. Tech degree would pave the for Lecturership in a Government college.
    The other advantage of having acquired the M.Tech degree is that you need not Clear NET test for the eligibility of Lecturership and later by securing the Doctorate - degree in civil - engineering, your promotional channel would be widened.

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