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Write a HTML code for a webpage

Date: 18 Jun 2016   Posted By: saket Raj     Group: Computers    Category: Programming   

I want to create a beautiful webpage so I want a an html code for creating a beautiful webpage.
Can you provide me the answer in the document file. Use simple and easy code that is easy for understanding.
I am waiting for your correct answer.
Experts: do assist.

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Author: Mahesh    19 Jun 2016      Member Level: Gold     Points : 4  (Rs 4)    Voting Score: 0

Here;s the sample HTML code snippet hosted on pastebin. :

Let me explain the code one tag at a time.

Every page has two tags possible. HTML and Body.

1. HTML tag contains all the other tags into it.
2. Body tag contains all the visible content from HTML page into it.
3. h1 tag is used for the header 1. This is the biggest header text.
4. h2 tag is used for the header 2, second biggest text.
5. p tag is used for the paragraph.
6. br tag stands for the break in the paragraph.
7. hr stands for the horizontal rule tag.

This is the simple webpage created in HTML page. You can add more tags and element to beautify your webpage. And in such case your webpage will change in looks and feel as well.

Use inline CSS Stylesheet in order to make the paragraph and tables beautiful. You can also change font and the text color with the CSS. Some of the content within the webpage can be also changed with the external CSS.

However more beautiful pages are possible when you learn CSS and Jquery or the JavaScript.

Author: saikishore Meda    25 Jul 2016      Member Level: Silver     Points : 3  (Rs 3)    Voting Score: 0

Hello Saket Raj,

By using only HTML code it is NOT possible to create beautiful webpage because HTML code is just to show the content of the webpage. If you want to see your web page more beautiful you will need to add CSS ,JavaScript,JQuery. So you need to learn the CSS for beautiful webpages.

Some of the HTML tags are given below
1. <body>- It is used to define the body of the webpage.
2. <p>- It is used to define the paragraph.
3. <h1>- It is used to define the heading.
4. <table>- It is used to create a table.

I hope this type of tags are already known for you.

The main thing is you need to give the styles for the webpages so, you need to know is style properties. Learning the style properties are very easy by the practice. For you try to use the inline method to give the styles.

Refer the HTML and CSS from the w3schools website it is a friendly user interface website to learn coding.

I hope this will hep you.

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