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    How to earn more through, what are the ways to increase traffic on blog?

    Are you a blogger? Searching for how to earn revenue using google adsense? On this Ask Expert page, you will find the answers you are looking for.

    I have recently wrote a blog on and applied for google ad sense. My google ad sense account was approved, but my blog is not earning anything, I have also tried by sharing it on facebook and other social sites to increase traffic, but still my earning is zero. Please help me what to do for earning?
    My blog link is :
    Awaiting response.
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    I checked your blog and here are some of my observations and suggestions for your blog to improve earning.

    1. Content on your website is very good. You need to improve more of it with formatting and presenting it more better. See the competing websites in your niche and see how they are using fonts and content display.

    2. Theme you are using seems to be dull. Make sure you use the better theme that keeps the user interest on site. Try and compare your blog design with other competition and see how you can improve.

    3. Use the ad blocks in position where you can get the ad click. You have to use the ad blocks at places where users can click when they find relevant ads. Check the above the fold positions for better ad display.

    4. Learn about SEO. Learn how you can apply it for your blogger blog. See how you can improve the content, tags and keywords.

    5. Use better keywords. Keywords make the content better. You have to use the keywords in such way that you can improve the search engine visibility. So make sure you are using the keywords that bring the search engine traffic.

    6. Share your content. If you are still not getting traffic then instead of social media, you have to use blogs and forums redirect traffic. Write guest posts if you want.

    These are some of the steps that you can take to increase the traffic and in turn the revenue of the blog.

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    @Mahesh Thank you for suggestions, I will try and improve the quality of content.

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    @ Manoj Kumar Lamba . I just visit your blog.
    First of all remember just by shairng in socialnetwork we do not get any traffic.
    To get traffic from search engine the website or blog need unique content.
    Your chosen subject is very good as now days many Internet users wants to create a web site. Start posting many more content there, as I found you have very less content.
    Keep the total content in short, as I need to scroll down for reading the whole matter.
    Place a Image ad of 728*90 on Top of the page, as that get clicked by most of visitor.
    When ever you want to choose the topic just do search on Google key words and choose as per the recommendation, because this key word has high importance to bring traffic ( click is later matter).

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