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    How to get a job in IT companies after graduation

    Are you searching for a job? Unsure of how to prepare for job in IT company? Check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    I have completed final exams in this month but have secured only 6 CGPA upto sixth semester. Most of the companies want a skilled person. I do not know what to do next. How should I prepare for a job in IT companies. Can you suggest what to do?
    Awaiting response.
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    Well, better late than never.
    As per company eligibility criteria cutoff is anywhere in between 55% to 60 %.
    The best way to get into the company if you do not pass the cutoff is to:
    1. Do some relevant certification course and then apply. These could be any programming language like Java/ C++/ PERL/ Python/Drupal, or Networking, Database Ad Ministration, Cyber Security, ERP-SAP/ Oracle.
    2. join some startup, work for a year or two and then apply . Your skills gained and experience in the company will give you better chances of getting a job.
    3. If affordable, opt for higher qualification like Ms/MTech/ MBA / Post Diploma etc.
    Hope this helps.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

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    In order to get the job in IT field, you have to think of skill set that can get you acquired. Here are some of your options.

    1. Make sure you are good with the communications. Be it written and verbal.
    2. Learn how to solve some of the reasoning questions and also puzzles. Most of the initial rounds make use of those puzzles.
    3. Get yourself comfortable in group discussion and one on one interview. These skills are very useful even after the interview and job offer. They can help for long term.
    4. Learn basic programming languages such as - C/C++ and Python, Ruby. These languages can get your employed. Know the basic of these languages and get into depth depending on the job offer.
    5. Learn about database SQL and NoSQL. Tests in campus usually have questions on these.

    See your performance in off campus tests. And based on that you can go ahead with the further graduation or the job plans.

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    Generally the Interview process for IT companies will happen based on strict filtering. The companies will conduct 3 to 4 rounds of Interview. The following are the common selection process which IT companies used to follow

    Round 1: Written Test
    Round 2: Group Discussions
    Round 3: Technical Interview
    Round 4: HR Interview

    Note: The selection process differs from company to company.

    Points to remember before going for an Interview:

    1. Prepare your resume in an impressive manner. The resume is the main key to unlock your unemployment.
    2. Learn and get an idea about the company which you are going to attend the interview.
    3. Present yourself in a neat manner. Wear formal dress.
    4. Be punctual for your interview.
    5. Be optimistic in your reply.
    6. Don't be nervous in front of the interview panel.
    7. Avoid doing bad gestures.
    8. Behave like a professional inside the interview premises.
    9. Arrange your resume and certificates neatly.
    10. Don't discuss the interview questions with your pals after you move out of the interview room.
    11. Say thank you and sorry whenever it is necessary.

    You may not be aware of these points, but the companies will also evaluate you based on the above mentioned points. So behave yourselves when you are inside the Interview premises.

    Points to remember while preparing a Resume:

    1. Follow a simple and neat template for your Resume. Check for sample templates in Google.
    2. Avoid mentioning the unnecessary things. The resume should be to the point and should be clear.
    3. Prepare your resume based on the company which you attend. Say for example, If the company you are going to attend is a networking company then definitely your skill set should satisfying the networking requirements.
    4. Mention your area of interest in your resume. If you are from IT or C.S.E you can add your areas of interest from any of the below mentioned subjects

    • Object oriented Programming languages
    • Networking
    • Database Management System
    • Algorithms and Data structures
    • Operating Systems
    • Data Mining
    • Big data and Hadoop
    • Cloud Computing
    • Software Testing
    • Unix concepts

    Add at least 2 topics in your areas of interest and learn all the concepts present in the subjects which you have mentioned. Most probably the person who interviews you will ask question from your areas of interest.

    5. If you are from Non- CS background and wish to attend Interview for IT company then you have to definitely mention at least two Programming languages – C, C++, Java, etc. Also include the other computer skills which you possess.
    6. Mention your academic details in a tabulated way.
    7. Mention the projects you have completed while doing your degree.

    Interview- Selection process:

    Round 1: Written Test
    The question will be mostly from Aptitude and verbal sections. Refer to the previous placement papers of the company which you attend. In the first round your problem solving skills and time management will be evaluated. The company will be having a minimum cut off mark, if you have scored the needed marks then you are eligible for next round.

    Round 2: Group Discussion
    The communication skills matters here. Be bold and confident while discussing the topics. Before starting your discussion, introduce yourself and proceed. Be an active participant. Don't be nervous or emotional in the group discussion.

    Round 3: Technical Interview
    Technical Interview will be a face-to face interview where the panel members will shoot out the technical questions to you. Be optimistic in your answers. If you don't know the answer, tackle the situation in a descent way.

    Round 4: HR Interview
    Members from HR panel will interview you. Before attending the HR interview, go through the common set of HR interview questions, so that you can get an idea on how to answer the HR questions.

    While attending face-to face interview maintain a good body language. Be energetic and confident while answering.
    If you have a break after completing your graduate, then try to do some certifications. Certifications have an added value and will act as a crown to your resume.

    Hope my points will help you.

    All the best for your interview!

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