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    What is the Bar Council of India?

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    What is the Bar Council of India and what are its role and responsibilities? Has the Bar Council of India, any role in education in the field of law? Why it has been made mandatory for a lawyer to register with the Bar Council of India before starting practice in a court of law?
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    This organization is responsible for the legal education and the legal practices. This is the reason every person who is into legal work , should register himself and his business with the bar council of India. This is same as the medical council that keeps an eye on the medical profession and the educational content.

    Bar council does play the role into the educational content in the universities throughout the nation. It sets the guidelines and practices to be followed and also revises the content on regular basis.

    It has plenty of functions such as -

    1. Supporting specific law reforms.
    2. Protect certain laws from being misused and ask the government to enforce them.
    3. Organize legal aid and guidance in the offices of bar council of India.

    There are many other roles and tasks being performed by this body. The role and the working of the law decides how much the person has to work for the same.

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    The Bar Council of India is a statutory body. It was created to regulate and represent the Indian bar. It performs the regulatory function by exercising disciplinary jurisdiction over the bar. It also sets standards for legal education, recognition to law Universities. In addition, it perform certain representative functions such as rights, privileges and interests of advocates
    The Bar Council undertakes the following works.
    1. To safeguard the rights, privileges and interests of advocates.
    2. To support law reform.
    3. To promote legal education
    4. To recognize the law Universities
    5. To manage the funds of the Bar Council.
    6. To lay down standards of professional conduct and etiquette for advocates.
    7. To lay down procedure to be followed by disciplinary committees.

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