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    When religion can be declared as Minority and Majority?

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    Recently Maharashtra declared Jewish as Minority community. India is diverse country with many religions. In what situation does a religion becomes Majority? does the government or court declare that?
    On the contrary in what situation does a religion become Minority? Who will declare: government or court?
    Which one benefits more for being Majority or Minority in terms of getting jobs, studies and living standards?
    Awaiting response.
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    When a religion is declared as a minority group consisting of members very less in number as compared to other religions of the same country, the members do benefit by getting reservation in seats for colleges, jobs etc.

    The Jewish community as all know is very small when compared to other religious groups. Most of the members of the Jewish community left for their homeland after having lived in India for centuries. I have read about their difficulties in their home country and I guess they would be better off in our country with a lot of benefits but it is up to them to stay or leave.

    Marriage is very difficult because of the small number of people. They keep to their customs and rituals and marry within their community.

    Groups like the Jewish community do deserve consideration but the same cannot be said for other groups but I refrain from putting forth my opinion as it would lead to controversy.

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    Legally 'minority'' is defined vide section 2(c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 as 'a community notified as such by the Central Government'. Vide notification no. SO No. 818 (E), F.No. l/ 11 /93-MC (1)) dated 23.10.1993, the following communities are notified as the ' the Minority communities' -
    1. Muslims
    2. Christians
    3. Sikhs
    4. Buddhists
    5. Zoroastrians (Parsis).
    The Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India looks after matters related to minority communities. There are many schemes like multi-sectoral development programme(MsDP), Scholarship Schemes ( pre-matric scholarship scheme , post-matric scholarship scheme , merit-cum-means scholarship scheme etc.), free coaching and allied scheme for minority communities students etc. implemented by the Ministry of Minority Affairs (

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When the religion has lesser population compared to other religious people in the area within region which has highest number of people in other region. For example parsi community (zorostarians) are minority in entire India. Their numbers are low compared to any other religion in the country. Also the amount of people in this religion have declined over part few years. In such case the parsi community is considered as minority in india. Though their performance as a community is really good and they have not asked for reservations as such. However few other religions however do ask for the reservations and demands preferential policies from government.
    Some other minority religions are as follows - jews, muslims, buddhist, christians.

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    Thank you for information. Only Kailash has given some lawful reference to be eligible as minority. But I did not get expected answer.
    What are lawful primary conditions that religion will become majority or minority. E.g. particular population of religion become 50% of total then it will be majority.
    Also there are some states where majority and minority religion have equal population. In that case do majority can claim minority rights and benefits?

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