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    Confused about what to do after HSC

    Unsure of what to do after HSC? Searching for studying options? On this page, experts shall provide you with the guidance you are looking for.

    I have scored 45.23% in HSC. I have heard that engineering field is not good because there are no jobs but my family is forcing me to study engineering. Can you suggest which field is better for me?
    Awaiting advice.
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    All specializations and all fields have their own importance and job vacancies for the deserving candidates. From your result of HSC, I suggest you to improve it by giving it another try. The reason behind this is, whichever course you will opt for- Engineering, B.Sc., BCA or any other, for getting a job, the cut off will be definitely higher than what you have scored.
    Please do not get disappointed from my above mentioned suggestion, but that is the truth, by spending one year, if you can have better career, then why not.


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    Joining a course should basically depend on what you are interested and not for families pressure. First of all, don't join a course for placement and to grab a job. Course alone will not fetch you a job. Join a course with the intention of learning. Have the learning attitude and improve your knowledge and that will help you get a job.
    Secondly, every course has its own prons and cons. Getting a job is completely dependent on your knowledge and how you perform and not on what course you have joined. So which ever course you have joined, be it B.E or other course, keep your knowledge strong. Do more of practicals than theory and maintain the aggregate of minimum 60% throughout your degree as most of the companies look for aggregate only in degree. So give your complete dedication and have the learning spirit to improve your knowledge and not just for grabbing a job.

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    This is a tricky question for others because only you can identify your interest and capabilities.It is advised for you to take your time and think twice before proceeding because this it most worth decision which you are going to take.
    Try to get advice from your seniors,your family members,your friends but final decision must be yours after all you have to go with this decision.You can also try to get advice from councelors.
    But one thing must be clear that you have to take decision after review all the pros and cons and with due respect of all the aspects.

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    Well, there are several questions which you have raised here, and you can go through the answers:
    1. Score of 45.23% in HSC: Is not too good but at least you have not failed! This itself indicates that you can manage your studies. you can check if BSc courses in your area of interest.

    2. Engineering field is not good: This is heresay and a wrong notion. Every field is good, since there will be some jobs at least. The studies are exhaustive, and you need to work hard here.

    3. There are no jobs in engineering fields: Again wrong information/ There are jobs but only for those who are good. If a person is casual, not technically strong, it is difficult for anyone to employ them.

    4. Family is forcing to study engineering: Because the family loves you and wants you to do well. Also because they must have heard that there are good job opportunities after doing engineering. You need to understand their perspective. If you want to do something else than engineering, then find out your interest, the scope of that field, the career paths, job profiles and job opportunities in that field. Once you have clarity, sit and talk to your parents and explain the field of interest to them. I am sure that they will understand your point of view.

    5. Which field is better for me? An extremely difficult question, and only you have the answer to this question! Find out which field interests you more, what do you want to become ten years down the line, what is your ultimate aim in life. Based on these answers you can decide the field of choice.

    Hope this answers your queries.

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    I think it would be helpful if you go for the skill assessment test. This test will help you to understand where is your capacity. Also you can find that which stream is more focused for your talents. Most of the students have better understanding of their future direction through such test. So it helps for you and parents to do such test. And then decide if you can choose the educational direction based on that.

    You can get family involved in this type of test too. They can understand your focus and your capacity better based on the result. You should avoid getting forced by the parental pressure. Most of the time that is not going to be good for your career.

    You can choose engineering if you have interest and also if you have sufficient percentage. I think it'd be beneficial if you go for the skill assessment and decide which part of the engineering is good for you. Do not listen to hearsay and decide what is right for you.

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    Your marks at 10+2 level is not the single determinant for your failure or success. At the first glance, it appears that you have not done well in the examination but you need not be extra sensitive on that account.
    Your impression that Engineering profession is not good in terms of employment is not a realistic assumption. Engineering fields be it Mechanical, Electrical, Civil or Computer Engineering, there is always demand for sharp and result oriented people. There is always demand for the intellectual people having excellent command in their streams. So, it would be better to wipe out your confusion.
    Your family - members might have come across the people having Engineering - degrees and earning decently in their professions and as such they would like to see you in Engineering - profession. However, you must come out with a positive idea which would make you and your family members happy.
    With regard to your last question in which you have made a query which profession would be better. There is no straight answer to this. It would depend upon you liking and inclination. There are aspirants who have fared well even though they have graduated in Arts and later qualified in IAS examination. Some have qualified Probationary Officers examination of banks with a mere degree of graduation in Arts. So, you see that your consistent effort and labour is the essential key to your success.

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