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    What are the safety tips for rainy season?

    Wants to know about the precautions to be taken during rainy season. Check out here to know from our experts.

    When Monsoon sets in, we feel happy as we will get some relief from hot sun. But at the same, it is the rainy season, which causes different types of diseases to creep into our body. So, it is utmost important for us to stay healthy during this season. So, what are the precautions to be taken during rainy season and how to take care of health in rainy season?
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    During rainy season most of the people will catch cold easily and get many health related issues. Some of the tips to stay healthy are
    1. Keep your surrounding clean to avoid mosquitoes. During rainy season its natural for water to get accumulated. If the surrounding is not clean and mixes up with water, chances are mosquitoes increase leading to health issues.

    2. We feel like eating junk food during rainy season but avoid eating street side food which will not be hygiene.

    3. As soon as you enter house from outside, wash your hands and legs properly before touching something.

    4. It is often said and practised to take a warm shower if we get drenched in rain to protect ourselves from infections.

    5. Wear a cloth that is dried completely. Clothes that are partially wet because of rain leads to skin rashes.

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    The most important tips I wish to give is only to motorists/driving people.
    1.They should go in the average speed at any cost as they potholes could not be known to the driving persons as the water is covered them. If they happened to fell in the pit or potholes there is possibility of danger both to driving person and vehicle.
    2.If they do not control their speed the muddy water splashes on the passerby people which affects much while they are going to offices.
    3.If they do not control their speed the elderly people would get much affected as they could not balance themselves in the water walking.

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    During rainy reason a few safety norms are to be followed to maintain our immune system. The following tips are to be followed-
    1) Due to the weather in rainy season, one may be infected with cold and in order to avoid it, it is advisable to use half teaspoon of Cucurmin powder along with warm milk in the night on a regular basis in night prior to going to bed.
    2) As far as possible, avoid junk foods and make it a point to use freshly prepared foods. Heavy foods and spicy foods are to be avoided since digestion - system in this season remains weak.
    3) A special care has to be taken to arrest the mosquito - menace since the mosquitos are the source of Dengue, Malaria etc.
    4) Water - borne diseases such as Cholera, Diarhhea, Dysentry, Typhoid are prevalent in this season and so care has to be taken to avoid water raw water. Water should be boiled prior to its use to make it disinfectant.
    5) While driving bikes or scooters, slow speed is to be maintained since a sudden brake may cause skidding of bikes or scooters.
    6) Sometimes, pot holes are not visible due to water logging and as such a special precaution is required.

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    During the rainy season it helps to do some of the precautions.

    1. Avoid eating curd, ice and other cold food items.
    2. Avoid eating meat or the non vegetarian during this season.
    3. Drink water by making it warm enough. Use aquaguard or other filters.
    4. Walk carefully on slippery road or even wet road.
    5. Drive the bike or car carefully.
    6. Avoid eating from road during this season.
    7. Use mosquito repellent and keep the pest away.

    This way you can have the precaution for the rainy season. Most of the time keeping control over such actions definitely help the health.

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    Here are a few tried and tested tips in specific categories from my end for you:
    Food and Water:
    1. Drink boiled or filtered water
    2. Keep vessels dry, bacteria tend to breed in wet places.
    3. Wash vegetables and fruits before eating them.
    4. Prefer eating outside in good quality places, may be where you can see the cooks and the kitchen.

    Personal hygiene
    1. Use footwear with good soles, not smooth ones. If the footwear is old, check the bottom, else use it after rains.
    2. Select proper footwear which does not slip on tiles
    3. Change into dry clothes in case you get wet. Else you may catch a cold, leading to 3-5 days of sneezing and nose block and you may even catch fever.
    4. Dry raincoat/ windcheater if they get wet. If you leave them in vehicle dicky or bag, the rainwear will stink later.
    5. If you get wet by chance, then wash your feet carefully with dettol/ savalon to keep yourself germ free. I have seen people getting infection in between toes during the rains.
    6. Keep a pair of clothes and napkin at workplace. you can change if you get wet.
    7. Avoid scratching if you get a mosquito bite. Keep a mosquito repellant handy.

    1. Drive slow. Specially if you are driving a two wheeler behind a four wheeler. You may miss a pothole.

    Home hygiene
    1. Avoid collected water in open in the house, like in flower pots, buckets, etc.. Stale water is breeding ground for mosquitoes
    2. While on a trip- holiday or work, carry a mosquito repellant with you. I have found Odomos to be very effective.
    3. Keep a netted mat at the entrance of the house, so that dust, mud and sand is not littered in the house.
    4.Avoid keeping wet or even slightly wet clothes in the cupboard. It is possible that you may get fungus growing in them.
    5. If the place where you stay is very humid, clothes lying the cupboard may catch fungus. Check them out at least once a month, and iron them. The probability of catching fungus will be minimised.

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    These are some of the basic tips that one can follow for keeping healthy this rainy season
    Eat a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables: Healthy diet of fruits and vegetable helps to boost our immunity during monsoons. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. One should take precautions to wash them thoroughly and disinfect them. It is good to wash with warm water and to blanch vegetable especially the ones being used for salads.

    Stay away from street and outside food: Though idea of standing and having hot vadapav, samosas, bhajiyas, chaats, panni puri across the road side shanty in pouring rains is mouthwatering, it is equally dangerous as the road side food prepared in unhygienic conditions could be home to load of diseases causing germs. In monsoon chances of food contamination increases and it is always recommend to relish homemade foods and enjoy rains.

    Carry boiled filtered water and stay hydrated: With high humidity we do not sweat a lot during monsoon and hence it is important to drink lot of water to flush toxin from body. However one should drink boiled or filtered water and avoid outside water which may be impure and contaminated with germ causing diseases like dysentery, cholera etc

    Go Herbal: Don't take medicine to boost your immunity instead go natural and try out the time tested home remedies to enhance immunity. Start green tea, herbal soups with spices like turmeric, clove, cinnamon which are known to boost immunity

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    Here are some precautions which are to observed in rainy season.
    -keep your surrounding clean
    -stay away from mosquitoes apply mosquito repellent creams
    -do not eat junk food
    -dont eat cold things or drink cold water, soft drinks
    -do eat old food as possibilities of presence of fungus and other harmful microorganisms in it are there
    -walk slowly and carefully specially on slippery floors or roads and also on muddy roads as there are chances of slipping and falling and harming our body parts
    -while going on a bike drive it at an normal and at an controlable speed

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