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    Which site would facilitate getting SMS and email stock price alerts

    Wants to know about the website that helps to get SMS alerts or email regarding stock price variation. Check in here to know the suggestions from our experts.

    I'm new to stock market and Interested in starting stock market trading as a part time since I work with some other company. I'm looking for some online service to get stock alerts when stock price target is met. Can you please suggest me some site.

    Let's say TATA stell price hit below 175.25 or Airtel India hit above 205.6
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    Almost every demat broker service offers this sort of SMS alert system. You just have to subscribe to their service as customer or the reader. For example, sharekhan system doesn't need you to be it's customer for such service. You can simply use their number for the subscription. Sign up on their site and set your account for SMS alert. Also from the options in the dashboard you can keep an eye on the specific stocks and set SMS alert option for specific price change.

    Do note that this may not work if your service is on the DND or do not disturb mode. Because this service being promotional it requires you to turn off the DND. Once you do that you can get the SMS alerts on your account.

    Apart from sharekhan, you can use the services such as ICICI direct, zeroda, Kotak securities and few others like moneycontrol. Make sure that you also check the options for unsubscription to such services. As the services such as this can also do heavy promotion, it's better if you keep them in control sometimes.

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    First of all welcome to Share trading. For share trading details and updates obviously everyone will suggest It is one of the best websites to keep yourself updated on share market. Apart from this I have few other suggestions for you. If you are a smart phone user, you have multiple apps available that will be helpful for you to get updates. Some of the apps for mobile are MoneyControl, MSN Money etc.

    You have options to create your own portfolio in these apps and monitor it. There are many such apps available in Google play store. These mobile apps comes with good interface. Apart from these apps, for smart phone when subscribed to Google tiles you will be able to get updates on stock prices in your tiles view. In most of the smart phone you will have this option. It is also smart enough to show the price of the stocks that you searched for. Additionally you will also be able to set which stock price you would like to monitor. Its a good feature from google.

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