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    " Unable to connect to the preferred netwok'

    I am having Lenovo All In One with Windows 7 operating system. The system was receiving the WiFi signals and there was no problem until the operating system was upgraded to Windows 10. As I did not like the Windows 10 because of networking problems, the system was reverted to Windows 7 again. Even now I am getting problems with WiFi signal. Some times the system receives the WiFi signal well. Most of the times the system is not getting connected to the internet. When trouble shooter is run, I get the message that Windows is unable to connect to the preferred network. What is the reason for this and suggest solution for the same.
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    Upgrade to Windows 10 is causing issues for many laptops and computers. In such case the drivers are getting corrupted. And in some cases the system is not behaving properly. The same issue is remaining even after the rolling back to the previous operating system. I think the best option anyone can do in such case is reinstalling the drivers.

    I suggest you to find out the details about your computer. And from there you can get the drivers specific for the Windows 10. Also if you have downgraded back to Windows 7 and facing this issue. In such case remove the network driver and reinstall the driver again. This works because often the files are corrupted. And reinstalling the driver helps get things back again. So download the network driver for your laptop from some other computer and then use USB drive to get the installer on your laptop. This way you can install the driver again.

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    Contradicting to answer given above and your statement I would like to say that Windows 10 is not that dangerous. I agree that there are multiple compatibility issues in Windows 10 but it is not the case that you cant use it or you cant find solution for it. Windows 10 is the next stable operating system after Windows 7 where you can easily find a solution for any problem. If you are sure that your wifi was working properly before upgrade to windows 10, you can try out few things. If you are not sure if Wifi was working even before upgrade then you will have to check if the setting are correct in your router. Below are some of the steps/solutions that you can try for problem specific to your case:

    1) Go to network and adapter settings and disable your Wifi adapter and enable it again.
    2) Go to Wifi properties and go to TCP/IPv4 properties. First try with Obtain IP address automatically. If it is not working, then update the IP address and validate it upon exit. This will mostly solve your problem.

    If you still have issues with your connection, check the router settings. You can also take the router to your service provider to get the issue sorted.

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    For a lay man change of operating system causes problems. I faced problems with network connectivity. I am not that much an expert to try to solve it. The two solutions you suggested were tried without success before posting this problem in this forum
    The solution offered by Mahesh is also tried without success. I have to try again by deleting the network adopter driver and reinstall it and seethe result again.

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