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    What to do after completing 12th standard?

    Not sure of clearing JEE after completion of 12th and confused of future. See here to know what our experts say.

    Hi,I'm a student studying in 12th and I have taken PCMB and IT as my subjects.But what should I do after 12th.I don't think I will qualify for JEE .So I wanted to Know what can I do .
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    I would request the editor to shift this question to ask experts section so that right and apt advise is given to the author who is now in confused state of mind. Please wait for editors response.
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    Being shifted to Ask Expert section.
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    I would suggest: keep your options open.
    You think that you may not qualify for JEE but prepare at least. You have ample time at hand. Many students embark on their studies late and then within a span of just 6-8 months do exceedingly well. The desire and commitment to study is yours . Make that choice, you never know you may come out with flying colors.

    Apart from JEE preparation here are two other options for you:
    1. If you are interested in engineering, then you can give entrance exams of private colleges. The syllabi is typically of XII.
    2. You can opt for BSc CS/BSc IT and later MSc

    Hope this resolves your queries.

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    Nowadays thousands of option are open before Science students. I would request you to get information about various career options available for a Science student after XIIth standard or Graduation. Thereafter, you have to ask yourself about your mental inclination and go for the career option which best suits you.

    I further advise you not to take a narrow view in this regard. Don't think even for a second that not pursuing Engineering or Medical courses is the end of the road.

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    You are studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and It as our optional subjects in 12th. You have a wide range of courses to select.
    Apart from Engineering and Medical course, we still have various courses with good job opportunities.
    The final choice will be of your choice.
    You can pursue BBA and then MBA to have career in marketing field. B.Sc. and M.Sc. can be done in Biology to have career in related field of teaching, research and even subsidiary medical line.
    BCA, MCA can be chosen to have career in IT field.

    So, there is a lot to do, the only thing which is required is you will power, determination and honesty with efforts.


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    You have plenty of options such as - Engineering, Medical, BSC etc. Also there are options like BBA, BCA etc. Depending on how you wish to have career ahead the degree that you take are going to be different. So I suggest you to approach the degree based on your marks and the inclination.

    You can do the engineering degree if you are interested in working in IT or any other field of your choice. Choose the degree that is close match to your interest. Also I suggest you to think about studying abroad if you are interested in doing masters degree.

    Note: I suggest you to give skill assessment test. You can find out your inclination and interest using this test. Such test also shows you how you perform better on some skills better than the others. This also saves you time that you may waste on degree that may not be suitable for you.

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    First of all, you need to have a clear vision so that once you assign any profession, you have to stick to the same. After 10+2, you would come across many fields such as Engineering, Medical or in General - studies in the field of Science such as B.Sc and later opting for M.Sc in any one of the branches Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You may even opt for Management course such as BBA consisting of three years duration and later, you may upgrade your qualification by taking up MBA course from an established Institution. The alternative way of securing an IT job would be to take up either BCA or B.Sc in Computer - science, the duration of each course is of three years. MCA can be done at a later stage.
    So, what matters most is your inclination with the line where you can deliver best result. A brilliant result in any chosen area would give you an excellent oppurtunity provided you maintain consistency in your labour.

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    You have to choose for target in future based the selection of courses after a HSC completed, now there is no any trends for engineering. You have to interest to joint the government jobs, better selection of doing the Science arts group ie BSC,maths or computer science.

    In Future, its have lot of offers in the import and export jobs all over the country,because they updated online transaction of import and export goods, so the requirement of workers need based on the educational qualification...

    In past few years back , its all under only manual of import and export documentation so they are doing the job based on the illiterate person worked in that field.

    Now we are going for every advance in for shipping lines of import and export under the "SINGLE WINDOW CLEARANCE" all over the countries....

    If you need best future means to selecting the simple science and arts groups subjects, There is lot of opportunities in the shipping and logistics company, specially for the girls student for system documentation...

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    I think, first of all you should need to focus on 12th and try to get good score in your 12th examination. It is because the foundation of your career based on result of 12th Examination.
    There are lots of opportunities after 12th standard. It depends on your choice and economics status such as you can join any professional course like B.Tech, Polytechnic, ITI etc. if you are not interested in engineering section then you can take admission in plain course like BBA, Bsc as well as you may prepare 12th standard based competitive examination .

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    First thing, don't get influenced by the thoughts of your friends or family members. Think for yourself to see what you are interested on. People will obviously ask you to choose Engineering or any equivalent degree. But that is not the right approach. If you are interested in doing something different, there are many places and many courses available for that. Every single people who take Engineering as their course is not always using that throughout their life.

    If you are passionate about something different go for it. Fashion designing, photography, Zoology related courses, Botanical Science etc are something that you can think off. I will give you some personal experience on this. After 12th I was asked to join Engineering and I completed my degree and now working in a company. All that is fine but I was always interested in medicine. If I had taken a right decision and gone to Ayurveda or Siddha, I feel that my life would have been more peaceful than before.

    Another experience is from my friends. My friends completed engineering. And that too in costliest colleges in Tamilnadu. Most of them changed their career to something else. One guy moved to Finance, another moved to manufacturing industry, another opened up a cloth shop of his own. So for all these guys Engineering is utter waste. So think wisely and proceed.

    Thanks and Regards,
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