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    What is a linguistic minority educational institution?

    There are many minority educational institutions meant for minorities communities like Muslim, Christians, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsis etc. But there are linguistic minority educational institution also? What is a linguistic minority educational institution? Are admissions in such educational institutions totally reserved for the respective minority communities only?
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    For linguistic minority status a State istaken as a unit. There will be one main language in that state spoken by majority of the people as their mother tongue. There will be others in the state who will be having their mother tongue different from the state language. Such people are considered as linguistic minority in that state. They have rights to open schools under linguistic minority category if the school is run by people who speak that language, and the school teaches that language, and the school is for the benefit of students who speak that language as mother tongue. However the seats exclusively reserved for that linguistic minority is not hundred percent, but also subject to other statutory rules and open quota also.

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