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    How to know placement record of a college/university?

    Just go through the suggestions here to know the placement track record of educational institutions.

    The placement record of any educational institution like a college or an university is perhaps one of the most crucial factor for taking decision about admission. How to know placement record of a college/university? Do companies visit all educational institutions for campus recruitment?
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    To know the placement record of any college if you to first check the reviews. If you know someone personally from that college, you can discuss with them. You can go to that college and check out their placement records. Get in touch with the college students or alumni of the college and check out their opinion about that college. Generally, students from that college will give a right review and suggestion about that college and based on that you can decide.
    Companies don't visit every institute for campus recruitment. It depends on were the college is located and also the college profile. College should have a good name and placement officer should have a good network. Also percentage of students with minimum aggregate should be more. But some colleges will have pool campus drive and here students from near by colleges can attend.

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    Most of the top colleges in each university are keeping the track of record for the placements. Also each year they release the list of students which were placed earlier. That way you can see how the college is performing. Most of the universities also manage the campus within their campus. And the campus co coordinators also keep the data related to that. You can also check the site of the college to view the list of placed students.

    Companies usually visit specific college or university place to enlist the students. Each year they hire based on academic performance and the performance in the interview. They usually don't go for college but university and all the colleges within that university are allowed to apply.

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    In order to be familiar with the placement record of a particular college, the best way would be to have feed - backs from the different students of a particular college. One can know the entire details of placement by going through the the placement records. Reputed institutions do have a separate - staff known as Placement - officer who takes care of placements of aspirants in different companies. The function of the Placement - officer is to take active role in chasing up different companies including the software ones' to come over their campus. The recruiters, too, are aware of the college - status and hence they accept the invitation.
    In order to select the bright students, the companies do consider the overhaul performance of the college, results of students and the locality of the college. Apart from that the role of Placement - officer is also important in influencing the prospective companies to have a campus recruitment in its premises.

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